Friday, September 1, 2006

How a straight line can make me reconsider the value of patience

Think about a straight line.  Simple, huh?

Unless you are asked to walk in a straight line, light shining in your face, it's probably not something that you ponder often.

I've had to ponder it every day this week.

Audrey has been growing out her hair, too.  It's finally long enough that she can wear ponytails.   She likes this, and likes to finish off the look with bows.

I was beside myself with joy the day she came to me and asked me to do it.   Isn't this what having a little girl is all about, I thought, as I got out the comb and began combing out tangles.

I told her to be still.  I was very careful, but the occasional "ow" yelp was still unavoidable.  Good God, is that...a bit of lollipop?  Didn't I just bathe her???

Concentrating on a steady hand, I part her hair.

Wait, that's not quite right. (do it again) 

No, not it...

Maybe this time.

"Hold still."

(damn it &^^%%$#@@*&)  Deep breath...

Got it.   Now, for the holders....

I'm trying to make it smooth, and get it into the holder.  Tighten.  (damn it &^^%$#@)  So. NOT. Smooth.


Try again. 

And again.   Are you kidding me???  <I'm not gonna cry.> 


<Stop being so anal retentive, Anna.  This isn't that hard.  It doesn't have to be perfect.> 

<Yes it does.>

At last!  Victory!   I try not to be offended as she turns her head, looking in the mirror, and implies it's too tight by pulling the skin by her eye back, ala ponytail facelift.   

<Suffer for your beauty, sister, learn it now.>

I put the bows in, and she trots down the hallway, bouncing ponytails the adorable reward. 

About three hours later, she takes them out..


"My head felt itchy."

Right then, I swear I heard my Mom laughing.....


suzypwr said...

It's easier when the hair is slightly wet. Child's hair was down to her butt by age two - and she wanted french braids often - one on each side. It took me a long time to do that with long hair, but it does get easier after a while :).

I once paid for her to get braids put in on St Lucia (in the Caribbean). It took about 5 hours - and that is about how long she left them in, so I feel your pain!


jevanslink said...

Boy I must have had low standards.        

Mrs. L

ekgillen said...

I was always very anal about the part being straight and the ponytails being even when I was a kid!  Good work! :)

perkysgrl said...

I've found that with wet/damp hair... and plenty of hair spray... that doing pony tails and piggy tails is easier than dry hair and no sticky stuff :)

Good luck with the next round... and hopefully she keeps them in longer then 3 hours ;)

Hugs to you Anna,

chseroo said...

See, the trick is to convience her that zig zag parts are wayyy cooler than the regular old plain part... That way it looks okay especially if it isn't just perfect! LOL

But then again, I don't have a girl... So I might not know how hard it is to talk one into such... Too bad I don't have a girl tho.. I'm great with hair. When I was a hairdresser, I loved to get the little girls with long hair in my chair who were there just for a fancy style. :) You wouldn't believe how many little girls liked to have a day at the salon for their b-day party... I know, it sounds crazy, but it happens.