Thursday, February 9, 2006

Mahvelous, dahlink

There was a little foot poised perfectly in midair in front of my face.  "I want purple!"  the voice above me commanded.

As I bent over, assuring my spinal demise, I gently held the foot in one hand, squinted, and tried to steady the other, the better to apply polish with.  Cursing is done silently, mentally, with abandon.

I have no one to blame but myself, that she is addicted to the shot of color on her toes.  There was a brief respite, when tights were fabulous, but they've fallen out of favor in the wee one's court.  It's so much easier to shuck off shoes and socks than deal with tights, afterall.

Try grabbing a pea and painting a bullseye on it, and you will know what I'm dealing with here.

I paint one or two toes, and present them for final approval before proceeding.  "Well?  What do you think? Pretty?"

I feel a pat on my head as she replies, "Yes, my dahrling.  Pretty."

As I look up at her, I can't help but wonder where she got her Zsa Zsa.

"You are the Princess of the House,"  she announces, "and I am the Princess of the World."

Mahvelous, dahlink.


yaya1 said...

lmao she is too cute

mum24boyz said... cute :)

perkysgrl said...

She's adorable!!


katie39041 said...

she is wonderful, and a daughter with good taste i just love the colour purple
hugs katie xx

suzypwr said...

Whew. Child will be relieved to know she has not been deposed from Queen of the World.


jevanslink said...

Okay I painted purple bulls eyes on a package of peas, may I help out now?  Mrs. L

chseroo said...

Every time I think I am fine with the fact that I don't have a daughter, I come here and read sweet entry like this one. It makes me realize all the things I will never get to experience since I don't have a little girl.

Oh well, maybe one of my boys will give me a grand-daughter someday.


ekgillen said...

At least you got to be Princess of the House! :)  Your entries make me wish I had a girl (and then I remember what I was like as a kid). :)