Friday, July 15, 2005

The wait is almost over

The wait is almost over.

I've been anticipating this for quite some time...and some of you already know what today is...

Today, the newest Harry Potter book goes on sale at midnight. 

I've enjoyed all the books, and the movies.  Nolan and Mr W love it too.  And to think that when I first heard about them, I was determined not to get sucked into the hype.  But now, having been along for the ride for so long, I don't know how I could've avoided it.  Besides, I love a good story, and sharing that with Nolan has been pretty cool.  

So this evening, Nolan and I have a date.  We'll go and hang out at Barnes and Noble, with all the other Potter-ites, and soak up the atmosphere.  (If we don't melt first.)  And as soon as that book is in my hot little hands, I'm gonna devour it.  Well, maybe after I get home from work tomorrow...

Speaking of dates, Mr W pulled a fast one on me.  I shouldn't be surprised, but I can be annoyed.  One of his fellow officers is getting married this weekend.  When I got the invite, I told him it would be nice to go.  I like the groom, and I figured, why not?  But he said he didn't want to attend, and since he likes to keep work and home separate, I sent back our regrets that we would not attend, and that was that.  Or so I thought.

I get a call from Mr W today:  "Do you still have the invitation?"  I'd just gotten out of the shower, so I was less than thrilled to be thrust into the role of social secretary while wearing a towel.  "Yeah, why?"  "When is the wedding?"  "Sunday."  "Sunday?"  He didn't even read the invitation in the first place, and he's questioning me?  "Yeah, the 17th, why?"  I decided to say it for him.  "You want to go now, don't you?"  "Weeellll...."  "Fine, but when you get home, and I throw something at you, you just better duck and take it like a man.  Do you realize the babysitting conundrum you have put me in?"  "We'll figure something out."  Read:  I'll call around, and see who's available, and wind up taking them to my Mom's.  Across town.  When the wedding is right by our house.  "Find out where they are registered."  "Oh, I don't think they are registered..."  "FIND out where they are registered, or I'm buying him something inappropriate."

He did call me back later with the info.  And now I have an excuse to hit Bed, Bath and Beyond.   I've never been there before....  

Okay, he's forgiven. 


unicornsteph80 said...

OHHHH, I do love Harry Potter! And my kids aren't even old enough to be the reason I got hooked! lol I own all the books, and the movies on VHS and DVD. The DVD for the living room, and the VHS for the kids playroom. There is no way they are messing up my Harry Potter movies. LMAO.

womandriver2 said...

ANY excuse to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond is ... well, awesome!  Best place around.. except of course... Barnes and Noble.  My nieces just called me from there to tell "you should be here this place is nuts there are tons of people here and they're all dressed up like the characters."  They are enjoying themselves.. I will pick up our copy tomorrow.. at a more reasonable hour... maybe I'll do the 'date' thing for the next book... in a couple years.

nicurnmama said...

lucky for Mr W you get to go to B,B and B. When Bill does that I just dump the sitter search into his lap too....I remind him how he likes people to know that they are his kids then He can get the sitter.
Have fun at B and N....I wish I could go but I know my girls will have fun.

rampage841512 said...

I just picked up my two copies of The Halfblood Prince a couple of hours ago (one for the shelf, one to read).  I work overnight at WalMart and they had them at midnight for $15.78 a pop.  lol...I was one of those who wasn't going to get pulled into the all hype too.  Funny how that works out.