Friday, July 1, 2005

Even their friends are on to me

So far, this week has fallen into the pattern of last summer--

we're lazy.

Oh, I wish I could say that I've been dragging them from museums to the zoo to sporting events to libraries, but you know, I've been letting them stay up late, and sleep in; we hang around inside, and in general, veg around probably more than we should.   That's what summer is for, isn't it?

At any rate, it must not be too boring here, as I wind up with extra kids around anyway.  Nolan and Ben had their friends (brothers too) over the other evening.  It was later, which was fine, what with the relaxed atmosphere here, and it was close to the time their Mom was going to pick them up.  Nolan had been campaigning for them to spend the night, but I'd resisted.  "Your Dad has to get up early,"  I'd said to him earlier.

So the visiting boys Mom calls, and the older one tells me that she's coming to get them (they live 2 minutes away) soon.  And he has a look about him..."Sweetie, what's up?"  I ask.

"Nothing," he says, but I can tell.   "Oh, come on, I can see something's up, spill it."  I prod.  "Tell me what's on your mind, because I can't read it."

"Well, I was, kinda thinking, that it would be kinda cool if we could spend the night."  He shrugs, in such an adorable way, I just have to say:

"Okay.  Call your Mom back and let her know."

As I walk away, I hear Nolan say, "Hey!  She just said 'no' to me, but she won't say 'no' to you!"  I stifle a giggle...and they spent the night.

Nolan comes into my room, the next night, trying to extend his already-extended bedtime.  "Nope,"  I tell him.  "Please..?" he says, and makes an overly-exaggerated begging face.  The "sad eyes,"  we call it. 

"Stop making that face.  I said no, and why is it that you never make that face at your Dad when he says no?  I'm not going to change my mind, no matter how cute you think you are right now."

"Because, that face doesn't work on him, and besides, this face worked for my friend yesterday."  "It did not.  What makes you think that?"  "Because you're a pushover."  "Says who?"  I ask, uppity all of a sudden.

"Says YOU, Mom.  I've heard you say that lots of times."

At which point, Mr W has doubled over in laughter, at the entire exchange. 

"Don't you let that get out,"  I pseudo-growl. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that this is sadly, terribly...true.   All you have to do is witness Ryan's big brown eyes at work, to see the ease the kids possess at swaying my vote in their favor.

For crying out loud, even Max and Shadow have learned how to work me.  One cute little head-bob = treat.  Yelp at the back door = come back inside.  Wiggle when she calls = tummy scratch.

I'd be in real trouble if they knew the truth....that I don't need the extra persuasion to say yes or change my mind, not if the offer is good enough.

And if you look in the dictionary, next to the word "pushover" is where I'm sure there's a picture of me.

I hope they got my good side.


suzypwr said...

They probably have your perfect new smile, too!

inafrnz247 said...

OH girls love to give me the ole' Puss in Boots eyes, begging and pleading until I can't take it anymore.  I usually stick to my least, I THINK I do.  Wait, how many bags did we come home with today when we went to the store to buy ONE new bathing suit??  I dare not say...  Michelle

pixiedustnme said...

but being a pushover is a good thing!  well, when it comes to our kids anyway!

pengboo said...

I'd rather be known as a pushover with my kids, than be known as a real b*t*ch! :)  The kids will someday look back at their childhood, and remember that it was wonderful.