Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Reading, writing, 'rithmatic = relief

It never fails.  One minute, I'm indestructible, the next, reminded that I'm just a big goof.

I went in to work today, and when I got home, there was a message for me from another Mom.  We are sharing the helm of Art Masterpiece for the school this year, and she was calling to let me know that our curriculum night is this Thursday, and we have to give a little talk to the masses, stumping for volunteers.   During our chat, we realized I'd gotten some mail she hadn't from the district, so I went to her house, then on to the school to make copies.  

While at the school, I previewed Ryan's new classroom, and talked to a couple of teachers.  (Our meet-the-teacher night was early this evening, so I figured, what the heck, I'll poke my head in the door, and be social.)  Managed to make the copies, collect Audrey, and get home in plenty of time to round up the troops.

Wow, I'm SuperMom!  Work, school, kids, I've got it all under control!

"I'll be just a minute,"  I told them, as I ran into the bathroom.  (Even SuperMom has to pee.)  

I'm looking in the mirror, fluffing hair and assessing the damage as I've been up since five a.m., it's hot, and no one likes looking like a raccoon.  (Even SuperMom primps as she heads out the door.) 

What is that?  I wonder, as I get closer to the mirror to check it out.

Fabulous.  A great lurking white zit, right under my nostril, sneaky, in the corner.  A real attention-grabber.  I can only hope it's relatively new, and I haven't been sporting this all day.  Well, that explains the staring. 

Wow, I'm a big dork! 

Mr W's comforting words?  "Maybe people just thought it was a booger."  Gee, thanks, honey.

I will seek solace in the Six.

SaturdaySix - Episode 67

1. Who was your first best friend?  How old were you when you two met?  Are you still in regular contact with each other?

My first best friend was Jenny H.  We met in the womb, lol (our Moms knew each other/went to school together).  We were 8 years old when we first officially met, and she complemented my rather frou-frou Easter dress that I'd worn to school (the beginnings of a long line of wardrobe 'What was I thinking?' moments for me).  We are in regular contact with each other, even when we go through phases of not being on the same page.  She is the closest thing I have to a sister.  :)  She is credited (and sometimes cursed) with being the person who introduced me to Mr W.

2. Other than the "Saturday Six," what weekly or daily memes do you play most often?  (Please give a link to that journal.)

There's that word again..."meme."  I'm beginning to think that word is French for 'you are an idiot--don't you have a dictionary?'  Hmm.  I guess I don't have any other regulars, really; but I'll play along if it looks like fun, or I'm out of stories involving our latest foray into "your bodily functions and you,"  or am just copying everyone else.  (Oh, come on, we all do it, admitting it is the first step to acknowledging you have a problem, isn't it?)

3. Which of the following likely has the bigger mess underneath it:  your stove, your refrigerator, your couch or your bed?
Despite my best and most vigilant attempts, I'd have to say....the couch.  I move it all the time, to clean up under it, but I swear, Shadow sheds more hair than a middle-aged lounge act who forgot to take their Rogaine.  Hair, rawhide chew flips, toys, chewed up pencils, toys, spare pennies, toys, movie cases, toys....(to the trashcan, shh, don't tell).  Stove, fridge--not too bad, but then again, I've not looked under them lately; and as for the under-bed-mess, space is limited due to a piece of workout equipment I stub my foot on from time to time (not mine); a big gift wrap box, and whatever the cats have hidden under there.

4. Take
this quiz:  How long does MSN think you'll live?  Then take this one:  How long does Blogthings think you'll live? MSN has me at 93.  Blogthings at 85.  Either way, too many things will be sagging.  And to think I was contemplating another tattoo...

5. Do either or both of these motivate you to make any changes in your lifestyle?

That tattoo isn't looking like a good idea anymore, hot or not; and now I'm thinking I'll take up smoking, drinking, and running around with the wrong crowd once my kids are out of the nest, because 93(85) is a very long time.  I'll need some scandalous stories for my twilight years. 

6. Name five things you would like to do by December 31, 2005.

Okay, in no particular order...

1)  Get kissed, under the mistletoe.  (Something that'll remind me I've still got it.  LOL.  In the spirit of Christmas, it doesn't even have to be Mr W.  Oh, I'm gonna be in trouble for this one...)

2)  Sleep.  For an entire day.  Okay, I'll take 8 hours, but no kids.

3)  Go to Las Vegas.  Because I have never been.

4)  A spa day would be nice.

5)  Have an overnight, away from the kids.  With Mr W.  (and I've redeemed myself for #1!)  

In a few short hours, I'll be whisking the small fry off to school.....  

I know I said I'd be relieved once school started up again.  

I'm not ashamed to admit I'll be a little lonely, too.   

(But I'm sure Audrey and I will find away to keep ourselves entertained.)



billandnae said...

See, I'm not like other people.  If I knew you and saw that you had a whitehead under your nose, I'd tell ya.  I mean, wouldn't ya want someone to tell ya you had tp stuck to your shoe?  People need to lighten up and start telling people things.

You need a Nae to guide you through your day.  Heck, I'll even pop it for ya!

robinngabster said...

Those zits under the nose are the worse!!!!!  

sls27 said...

Oh no, the pimple under the nose!  Beaten only by the big red one on the tip of the nose...  I thought zits are supposed to be for teenagers????   LOL