Saturday, July 16, 2005

Just one more minute

Hitting the bookstore last night was fun...not too crowded...I didn't have the smaller fry to chase after, and browsed to my heart's content.  Shook my groove thing in the music section, got my geek on in the science books, was rofl at my favorite cartoon anthologies (The Far Side, Dilbert, Baby Blues), and discreetly peeked at ahem, more adult fare (who knew they'd put an orgasm manual right there, at the end of a table, in the center aisle?  They may as well as had a flashing neon light above it...hey, there's nothing wrong with doing a little extra credit...)

Ahem.  Back to today~

All afternoon, Nolan has been circling me like a shark, waiting...finally he says to me, "Mom, do you know how much longer you're gonna be with that?"  I at first feel a pang of guilt, because I've been online for quite a while, but it quickly gives way to a wave of irritation as I reply: "Look, man.  It's true that I've been here for a while.  But who has been monopolizing the computer, every day, all week??  I'll be done when I'm done, so back off."  Seriously, those kids have been all over this all week.  Mom's turn!

So, before I hear, "I'm bored, there's nothing to do," one more time, here's my Saturday Six.  I've missed it the last two weeks, I'm not missing today.  (I still can't believe I'm doing it on a Saturday!)

Saturday Six - Episode 66

1. What is the last thing you either camped out or got up unusually early to be able to buy?  The Harry Potter book.  I didn't really camp out, though, because I don't consider pre-ordering and getting my line # early to truly be considered camping out.  There was a/c, and snacks to be had at will, indoor toilets--not camping, lol.

2. If you had to give up one of the following for a full year, which would be the easiest to do without? I could do without television, because I like to read so much. Which would be the most difficult to give up?
Hmm.  Meat.  I'm a carnivore, and I'm tired of people acting like that's a bad thing.  A close second is my vehicle, as I am the driver of the Mom-mobile; need it, and if you doubt me, then you take a three year old for a walk sometime; you'll soon see it my way.
    a) Your personal vehicle
    b) Your Telephone (both cellular and land line)
    c) The Internet
    d) Meat (all of it:  Beef, Poultry, Pork and Seafood)
    e) Television

3. How many items (include all bottles, boxes and containers) are in your medicine cabinet?
  Ha, ha, ha, you're kidding, right?  I'm a girly girl. I'm not counting, and am feeling lucky that you didn't ask what I had stashed under the sink.  Which is the last one you used? 
My lip balm.  I hate it when they feel anything less than kissable.  LOL.

4. What is the first source you go to for news of any kind when you wake up?  How much do you trust that particular source? 
I watch the local hoo-has on Channel 3...funny stuff.  I switch between that and the Today show.  I can't say I trust any one source more than others...because you never know; it's news today, but retracted tomorrow. 

5. Take the Quiz:  
What do the letters of your name stand for? Okay, I did it.  With my full name, and my shortened version, and since they both start "Anna" you'd think the answer would be the same, for those letters, but it wasn't.  Whatever.  Here's the short version:  Appreciative, naive (?), nice, altruistic. 

6. What is your favorite color and why? PURPLE! I don't know, it just is; it's a leftover fixation from my preschool crush on Donny Osmond. If you have a journal or journals, is this color the primary one on those journals?  If not, why not?  There is purple in my j, but it's not the only color.  I just liked the combo with green when I picked as I set it up.  I toy with changing to a nifty background color, but...I'm a lazy creature of habit, lol.

And now Ryan is circling me..."Mommy, are we gonna make cookies?"  (Audrey's asleep, so he's eager to jump into 'lil-chef' mode.)  Who am I to deny my youngster the joys of chocolate chip cookies?  Besides, he's been hearing me say "Just one more minute" for about 40 minutes now and I'm starting to feel guilty as he's starting to lose patience.  And the margarine is soft by now, I'm sure.

Pretty soon, they'll all be circling...the kitchen. 


robinngabster said...

Ahhhhhh Donny Osmond and his purple socks...he's a little bit rock and roll you know!  :)  The only thing I ever camped out for was the opening of Krispy Kreme in Spokane Washington...what a dork I was. Great entry! Robin

suzypwr said...

Someone needs to get a second computer!

tdain2003 said...

God forbid we get any time on the computer.... lol.  Mine are always on!
shhhhh don't tell anyone.... I checked out the Erotica section, too ; )