Friday, November 28, 2008

Okay, this one is weird....

We were just finishing up dinner last week, pizza, when Ryan suddenly swooped in on me and gave me a kiss.

He pinned my head back, before I had a chance to wipe the pepperoni-ness off my mouth, and laid one on me. My lips were slightly parted as I was about to tell him "hang on a sec." MMMMMM-WAAAAAAH!! he smacked, turning on his heel and exiting the room as he noted, "Mmm, that was good!!!" complete with a fisted little arm swing for emphasis.

I had to wonder what he was referring to, me or the pizza. Mauled by my own boy.

I'm adding that to the "He did what?" list of parenting moments.

Granted, it's a little odd; but he's gonna not even want to be seen standing next to me in public soon, so I'll let this one slide.


Remo said...

Has the boy been watching HBO again?LOL

Bridgett said...

Maybe he's been reading Twilight too? LOL