Thursday, November 13, 2008

Check please

Last week our school had their fall festival. I didn't have to be there for a couple of hours, but a couple of the Moms from school that I am friends with had to stay at school for the set up, as well as through the festival to run it. As I went to pick up my kids, I thought maybe my friends' children might want to come and hang out with me, as opposed to being stuck at school while their Moms were busy.

The only fly in the ointment was that I had to go to Costco for one thing before getting Ben at school. No biggie, I thought, we'll still have time to get some pizza at the food court and zip on over for Ben.

I should know better. I should know better than to think that a quick trip to Costco with three 6 year olds and Ryan would not be quick.

The children behaved, but of course the item I needed had been relocated due to the Christmas stock and we wound up doing a couple of laps through the store while I hunted for it. "Wow!" "Look!" "Mommy, can I try that?" was all I heard as my little band stopped every fifteen feet to look at something "Cool!". Eventually we made it to the checkout, and after stopping a game of skipping that got a little rowdy (at an empty register nearby) I was on the home stretch. I mentally calculated the time to get the pizza and the time I had to get to Ben.

"Hey, you guys can eat in the car, right?" I asked, crossing my fingers against spills and choking.

"Yes," they chorused.

I was looking at the cashier as if that would somehow make him go faster when I heard a giggle. Giggle, giggle....and a pointed finger in front of me, "Ha, ha, that says NAKED," the adorable little guy along with me announced loudly with glee. "Naked!" he pointed it out to the girls. Who also started giggling and saying "naked" far more loudly than need be.

I sighed, stifling a giggle myself, wondering what his Mom would think when all he reported to her of our trip to the store was "Naked!" Luckily the gentleman behind me in line, to whom the Naked juice belonged, was highly amused, and chortled himself. My mind whirled, looking for a way out.....

"That's good reading, J," I complimented him. "Wow. You're getting really good at it!" Encouraged, he started reading everything else in front of him. "That says 'red peppers' and that says 'cheese'," he continued with pride as he touched each package. "Sugar," I stopped his hand, "it's probably not a good idea to touch other people's food like that," I said. "What kind of pizza would you like?" I asked, as I could see the finish line. "Can I have a churro for dessert?" he asked.

I love a boy who has his priorities straight.

They got loaded up into the van, three peas in a pod, pizza in their laps....churro by one of their sides. I drove carefully and tried not to worry about the time.

Finally--I pulled around the corner and saw Ben sitting on the curb. He scowled at me until he opened the door to the van. Upon seeing the children, and what they were eating, he grinned widely.

"I can see why you're late."


Bridgett said...

Hey, at least he was understanding. LOL

Just don't tell him you were 'naked' in the store or he might not be so understanding next time. ;)


Remo said...

"Hey Mommy! Anna showed us lots of naked things at Costco.!!"

Is that the phone?

Tara said...

LOL Mine were always understanding my lateness if I showed up with food. Three six year olds? Way braver than me!