Tuesday, December 19, 2006

She's just right

One of the last times I was in Target with Audrey, I had to get her some more underwear.  She's had a growth spurt.

I gamely held up packages for her to decide: My Little Pony, The Little Mermaid vs. all the princesses vs. Sleeping Beauty, or how about Dora...

She settled on the Little Mermaid.  I got her a size six.  She's still a little new at the timing of getting to the potty and I try to make it easy on her by having her undies a little roomier.

"Mommy,"  she said, "I'm four.  I need a four."

"No, mija, you need a six.  Four is too small."

"But I'm four."

"I know. But that's not your size.  You need the bigger ones."

"So, I'm four, but my tushie is a six?"  she asked.

I stifled a giggle.  "Yes."

She hesitated for a second, then I guess she got it.  "Okay,"  she said happily.

She is just right, not too big, not too small.

She is wearing her only pair of jeans a bit more now.  "I want to look like you, Mommy."    She only currently has one pair because as she has refused pants vehemently up until now.

(Seriously, she loved the jeans so much, that I had to wait until she put on pjs the other night to wash them so she could wear them the next day.)

I decided I'd get her some more, even though I know she might go straight back into dresses again soon.  I'd been sort of looking, off and on, and once she put a hole in the knee, I knew I had to do something fast. 

So I got her another pair of Levi's, in Sears.  We got home, and I tried them on her (couldn't do it in the store as she was pre-meltdown, T minus five minutes).

Cute, cute...I thought, as I pulled them up. ???

They buttoned under her belly.  The zipper, I noticed then, was really short.  And when she turned around, there was a huge gap.

All the better for her to show off the sacral tattoo and toddler thong, I guess.

I was appalled.

And I took the pants right back.  She's FOUR.  She doesn't need lower-rise anything. And it's not just the low rise that's annoying, either.  The little jeans are straight.  Narrow. 

She is not.

But she's just right.

I'm moving back over to the boys section.

Because those jeans she loves, that she is wearing to death...were Ryan's.


screaminremo303 said...

What? They don't sell those Toughskin jeans things anymore? You could tow a Winnebago with a pair of those things.

candlejmr said...

Kids just cannot be kids anymore, can they?  What a shame that she has to wear Ryan's pants to look like the adorable little girl that she is!

A size 6 tushie...how cute....I wish I had a size 6 tushie!!! (lol)


jevanslink said...

I'm sixty three, but my butt is 102.

Mrs. L

jckfrstross said...

too cute:) size 6 but i am 4 lol