Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm really not a lush


Well, there it is.  At least I remember the name of the stranger I woke up with, if not necessarily the finer points of the evening.

Sometime during the night, I did manage to have a moment of clarity and unsend some email, yet it appears that that moment might have been better served hitting the cancel button.

Consider it my cyber version of dancing on the table with a lampshade on my head.

In spite of it all, I had a good day yesterday.  I took the kids to my Mom's and went in to work, where surprisingly enough, I managed to get a lot accomplished.

I didn't feel too sick, just a little fuzzy headed.

I took the jabs from my coworkers who had also been at the party and were at work yesterday too.  I figure it's not like I was the only person making friends with the bartender, and today there will be someone else to ridicule. 


As usual, I am right back at it.  Laundry. Kids to school.  Volunteer time, Xmas shopping, and I'm meeting a friend for lunch.

Where I will be drinking...


1 comment:

ekgillen said...

Back to reality-at least you were not visiting with your porcelain friend. :)