Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back to my travels

Now that I've crawled back out of the wine bottle, I should get back to my trip.

We spent most of our time just hanging out with Mr W's Dad.  Actually, I spent a lot of time with the womenfolk, so that Dad and Mr W would have time alone.

Which means I was grocery shopping, hitting the mall, and going to Target.  Just like home.

In the grocery store, I was tickled to see regional things.  Like sweet tea being sold by the gallon.

Georgia is a wonderful state.

As we drove by a McDonald's, I noticed that they had on their marquee, "sweet tea 32 oz, $1."

God Bless America.

It's not like I can't make my own sweet tea, it's pretty easy; it's just kinda cool knowing that if you wanted, you could get it anywhere there.

After our golfing excursion, we had to go home for a barbeque.  Mr W's cousins had arranged one for us, to be held in the church hall (which is right next to Dad's house) so we could see some relatives in one place as opposed to being dragged all over town during our short stay.

It was very nice.  I got to see my favorite person, George.

George is a Maine transplant, he's been living there for over twenty years, and his accent, well, it's original.

The first time I met him, years ago, I was a little offended, as he patted the porch swing and said something to me about it was okay for me to sit next to him, as I was a little round just like him. "You're sporting a little extry,"  I think I remember him saying, as he patted his belly to accent his point.  I got over it in five seconds, as he meant it in a harmless way, and has such a sense of humor, I was totally charmed.

He and his wife (Dad's cousin) came out to our wedding, and they've always been very hospitable--we've stayed with them, and they lent us their RV for this visit.

They rock.

This time, Georgie was quite complimentary, and how could a girl not love that?  Besides, he picked on Mr W.  He called him Beast.  And called me Beauty.

I love him.

Anyway, we had the barbeque, and holy cow, it was quite a spread. 

We seemed to be doing a lot of eating on this trip.  One day, we had breakfast, went to church, which lasted all of forty-five minutes, and then they wanted to go to lunch.

Another night, I went to this church-ladies group thing with my MIL and I'd baked a cake (at her request) to take along.  I figured, oh, a potluck thing, this must be a big group.  Nope.  There were maybe ten women there, who had all brought something.  I joked to George's Mom, "It's a good thing we're leaving tomorrow.  If I stayed any longer, eating like this, I'd have to buy extra seats on the plane."  And she laughed, and said, "We are the eatingest group you'd evah want to meet." 

No kidding.

Did I mention the fabulous bacon, every morning?

Your left arm should be tingling, right about now...

Anyway, all I can say is that we had a good time.  I missed my kids, of course, but we were busy enough catching up that I only got a little verklempt at night when I'd call to check in.  It was a small victory for me to call only once a day.

And now that I've been back a while, I'm missing George.

I keep thinking of what he said to me, as I had Mr W snap a picture of us after church. 

"We're gonna need a wide angle lens."

"Speak for yourself,"  I said, as I scooted in closer.


jevanslink said...

What is it about vacations -- you finish one meal in time to plan the next?  I can live with that.

Mrs. L

jckfrstross said...

what a great vacation food family and food:)


taylorkl1102 said...

My ex-husband has a great uncle Emory that reminds me of your George.  He always called me his healthy hefer but he was the sweetest man I've ever known. He would pick on my ex telling him if he ever left me that uncle Emory would fly out to AZ and beat him up and take me back to Indiana with him and show me how a real man treats a woman.  I always felt special on those visits.  I'm glad you had a great trip.