Friday, December 22, 2006

Does he prescribe something for that?

Ryan had a doctor appointment earlier this week (allergist).

The doctor has a long name, and while it's not hard to pronounce, Ryan has some trouble with it, and he started calling him Dr Smooth. 

When the doc came into the room that day, he said hello, and Ryan said, "Hi, Dr Smooth."

The doctor laughed as I explained Ryan called him that as he couldn't quite say his name.  "That's okay,"  he giggled, "I'm sure I've been called alot worse."

"Yeah, someone could be calling you an idiot,"  Ryan adds from his perch on the examining table.  "Dr Idiot!.."  He was about to go on, but I think the look I gave him made his little life flash before his eyes, so he stopped.  "That's a little rude, Ryan,"  I said, "You need to apologize."

Doc was very good natured about it, and hardly noticed it when the earth opened up and swallowed me.

He was too busy checking the "brat" box on his charge ticket.


lanurseprn said...

LOL this was funny!

jckfrstross said...

kids tell him to remember the doc has the needles and they can hurt so be nice lol


perkysgrl said...


What kids will say, huh?

Still, it was a bit funny ;)