Friday, November 3, 2006

Take it easy

I'm taking a little too much time easing into my day.

I still have to get myself ready for work, and here I sit.  Procrastinating.  Making my to-do list and scratching things off of it for each minute I am planted here.

Do I really need to drop that stuff off at the school?  Is the paper place open tomorrow?  What will they eat for dinner while I'm gone?  Will they notice if I steal a Milky Way from their pile of candy?  Are we out of dog food?

Stop, stop, stop, I tell myself. 

Go, go, go, I hear instead.

There has to be a happy medium here somewhere, and I'm pretty sure I won't find it in my pajamas.

But I think the bunny slippers will go well with my lab coat. 

1 comment:

lanurseprn said...

LOL I'm doing the same thing....good ol' procrastination!