Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Out and about

Friday night, I went out with a friend and her sister.  In my friend's ginormous truck, with the sunroof open, the light of the full moon shining in, it felt a little odd not to have to worry about whether anyone had forgotten their seatbelt.

We went to one of those boutique-y things where various vendors come to someone's house to show you their wares and separate you from your wallet; all in the guise of a girly party.

It was fun.

I was returned to the nest with nary a scratch on my head, and it felt like I'd been gone for days, but really, it had only been a couple of hours.  It was not even five past 9 pm.

Today, a very good friend of mine flew in to town, and she came over.  Yay!  I adore her.  Mr W likes her a ton too, even though she is one of the few people that can make him blush.  Once we'd had some lunch, off we went, to the mall.  Alone.  Without children.  Just the two of us. 

I introduced her to the crackhouse known as Sephora, where she picked up some makeup and we smelled the men's fragrances until our noses got confused. 

My favorite is Hugo, by Hugo Boss, the one in the container that looks kinda like a canteen.  Oh, wwwwow.  One of the salesgirls saw the look of bliss on my face, and offered me a sample...in exchange for me putting down the bottle.  

I guess you're not supposed to nuzzle it like it's a neck.

She was really generous with the samples.  I walked out with a bag full of free pheremone joy.  Oh, I'll be back.

I promised the bottle I'd call.

I'm still giddy.  It's amazingly restorative to be out and about without my posse.

I had an engagement at another friend's house this evening, and when I left, my friend Janna was busy tossing cheeseburgers at my children like frisbees, relieving Mr W of the doling-out-dinner duties.

I knew the kids were in good hands.

Alas, her visit was way too short.  Which I guess means it was ideal--always leave them wanting more, right?

It's a little unprecendented for me to go out like that.  I don't feel too guilty either, which means that maybe, maybe I'm ready to spread my wings a little bit, and leave the children alone with their Dad for an overnight....or <gasp> weekend. 

But until then, I'm Sixing.  

Saturday Six - Episode 134

1. How many trick-or-treaters did you have this year? Were that more, less, or the same as last year?

I have no idea.  We had a few.  Then we left the candy in a bowl out front, and took the kids around the neighborhood.  So maybe we had a few honest trick-or-treaters before someone dumped the entire bowl in their bag.   I like to think that didn't happen, but in all likelihood...

2. What kind of halloween candy did you buy?

I bought this giant bag of fun candies at Costco.  It had an assortment, Nerds, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Pops, Laffy Taffy, Skittles, etc.--all candy my kids like, in case there is any left--but no chocolate, because I'd eat it.  I wonder if dentists look forward to Halloween like CPAs look forward to tax time?

3. What's the next topic you intend to blog about?

I don't know.  Quest for the perfect red lipstick?  

4. Take the quiz: What is your beer personality? 

Right now, I don't have one.  The hardest thing I drink right now is coffee.  MMMMmocha.  From a particular place, that's not Starbucks; unfortunately not close to my house, but worth the trip. 

For the record, the beer quiz said I was Heineken.  I'd like to say it's 'refreshingly retro' rather than 'so five minutes ago' but we all know the truth. 

5. Do you like the taste of beer? Have you ever tried this particular one?

I like the taste of beer.  I've never tried that one.

6. Which of the following in your home is more full: your dishwasher, your washing machine, your dryer, your sink or your hamper?

My husband just did the laundry, so my vote is the dishwasher.  It seems like we run it once a day!  But with all of us in the house, I'm not complaining unless I have to live without it. 


ekgillen said...

I love Sephora!!  Alas, there is not one where I live.  No smell-opolis for me. :)

jevanslink said...

I can never find the Old Spice any more.   * SIGH *

Mrs. L