Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The posting challenge begins

I've thrown my hat into the NaBloPoMo ring.   Sort of, I have no idea if I've officially made it in, but I still have an hour or two, so who knows.

Even if I didn't make it in on time, I will try it.  An entry a day.  Doesn't sound like much, but you know, neither is remembering to feed the dogs.

A little kibble in the middle of the night never hurt anyone.

Speaking of kibble, last night's Halloween candy haul was impressive.  Audrey's bucket was full all the way to the top.  Her brothers were loaded down, too.

This morning, everyone was tired and not interested in their wake up call.  So I said these words, and everyone was scrambling into their shoes in no time.

"First one to the kitchen can have some candy with their breakfast."

But I'm the one with the tummy ache????


deniden said...

The kids looked great!


jevanslink said...

Cute kids and costumes. Those are costumes, right?  You must have stayed up all night opening up the plastic bags they came in.  

I chopped up the leftover candy and poured milk over it. Tasted like Frosted Flakes.  Hmmmm dee-lish.  And nu-trish.  

Mrs. L

perkysgrl said...

The kiddos look too cute :)


ekgillen said...

Great pics!!