Friday, March 17, 2006


Our dogs sleep inside at night.  We crate them, because the cats don't like them, and I'd like to get through the night without getting up to witness the circle of life.

I can just see my 15+ year old cats perched atop the body of my fraidy-cat lab.  It wouldn't be pretty.

Like anything else, this is a task that the little miss has decided is hers. 

"I do it."  Her mantra, her way of life.  Like most three-year-olds, it's all about how she can do it--get dressed, clean her face, do whatever strikes her.  Woe to those of us who stand in her way, suggesting that riding her scooter in flip flops is not a good idea, and that rocks are not objets d' art. 

(I have the most beautiful water-colored rocks, right outside my door.  In a shoebox.  Her collection, which she adds too by picking up rocks everywhere we go.  Rock babies.  Rock on, my Princess.  I'm just glad she stopped ruining markers on them.)

Last night, it was time for the doggies to go to bed.  Naturally, Audrey gave them the "crate!" order as soon as I mentioned it, and the dogs obeyed.  Now, I know she's been doing this for a while, and I was wondering how she managed it.   Mainly, because you have to hold both doors shut, or one or both of them wander back out again, because you know, you weren't seriously wanting them to stay in there, were you?

I looked over in time to see her shutting Max's crate, squeezing the latch top, then bottom, talking to him about "goo-night, Maxy, I play with you 'morrow".

I smile.

Then I saw something that really made me smile, it's so ingenious, and funny at the same time.

The crates are side by side.  As she closed Max in, she stuck her little foot against the door of the other, leg in the air, pushing it closed so Shadow can't escape.

And while Shadow pushed back for a sec at the door, she soothed her with her little "play with you 'morrow, girl" speech.

Good lord, that's coordination I'm not capable of, and I'm a lot older than three.

Her brothers have trouble managing this, and here she is, on top of it.

 "Night, doggies.  I play with you 'morrow."  She says it again, as she walks away.



yaya1 said...

ohhhh how cute she is too sweet

katie39041 said...

I bet it was lovely to watch, i could just picture Audrey Saying "i play with you morrow" Kids are wonderful. I am soon to be 41 and i collect rocks from were ever i have sweet,
love and hugs
katie xxxxxxx

tdain2003 said...

Ooooh that is too cute!!!!  She's already acting like a mommy... multi-tasking while she soothes and promises more loves in the morning....

I had pet rocks growing up... I LOVED those things :)

nicurnmama said...

audrey proves once again that girls rule!
too cute!

misscarberry said...

Awww, that's so sweet! I love the pet rocks thing, so funny!
Love Sam xXx

ekgillen said...

Already a queen at multi-tasking!!  She will go far! :)
I used to do the same thing as a kid with rocks.  My grandma kept an empty plant holder on the porch for my "collection".  I still find my self picking up and carrying around a rock if it catches my eye!


bridgetteleigh75 said...

Yay!  I'm finally caught up on your journal.  Did you think I'd forgotten ya?  Not a chance.  

Audrey sounds so adorable.  Wish I could make a play date for our kids.  

Hope you're having fun at Disneyland!  Be safe.


lifes2odd said...

Cute entry, great journal! :-)
Martha ~