Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm not living this one down, ever

Today was one of those days.  Just one of those days...

I was out running errands with Audrey.  We are in the farthest corner of Target from the bathrooms when she announces she's gotta go.  I'm trying to cram in one more item from the back of the store before speedy-quick taking her, as it's a giant Target, and I'm a little pressed for time, and...and.....and not too far from the bathroom, she announces she's already "peed her panties."  Sigh. 

Oy.  A bad Mommy moment, indeed.  Nice, taking a chance on a tiny bladder.

We go into the bathroom, and indeed, she's done it.  I clean her up as best I can, kicking myself for not having a change of clothes with me--I know better.  Doh!

I still have things to do, and there's no way I'm leaving her like that, it was my fault for not going quicker, so I tell her we will go get her some new undies and a pair of pants, so she can change in the van.  A pair of adorable striped pants and new Strawberry Shortcake undies later, and we are both feeling much better.  "I'm sorry,"  I apologize. 

One more stop, and then we are off to the school.  It was a half day today, and I'm pleased that I'm perfectly on time, in spite of Audrey's bathroom detour.  The kids get into the car, I'm giving a ride to three extra and bringing home one more.  Ben decides to argue with me about something minor, but I give him a silencing glare and order him into the van. 

I take two boys home, cross over and drop off another, and wait for Audrey to readjust her seatbelt.  We are on the way to McDonald's, and about a mile or so from the house.  I'm chatting with our guest, and asking her what she wants, taking orders from all.  "Eh, Ryan, I know what you want," I say (he gets the same thing EVERY time).  "Ryan?"  I look into the rearview mirror, see a dark head...wait, that's Ben. I'm thinking Ryan's engrossed in something, and that backseat is not the best acoustic area of the van.  No one ever hears me the first time when they sit there.  

"I do have Ryan, don't I?"  

"MOM!  You don't!!"  Ben's horrified voice insists.

"What?" I look up, alarmed, dread washing over me when I realize he is not in his seat.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen.  How big a loser am I, that I took home three other children, and was on my way down the road, before I noticed that I forgot my own child? 

No way! 


"We forgot Ryan?"  I squeak, as I make the first turn back to the school possible, hoping no one notices it's on two wheels.  I am envisioning him waiting by the fence, forlorn, wondering what happened to Mommy.  And his brothers.  

Quickly, I grab my cellphone and dial the school, so they will look for him before I get there.  

"Hi.   This is Anna.   Um, you'll never believe this, but I managed to drive off without Ryan..."  The secretary cuts me off, laughing as she says, "I see him right here."

"He's in the office with you?"  


"I'm right around the corner.  Is it okay if Nolan comes to the office to get him?" (it'd be faster than unloading all of them and parading 'em all in)


Oy.  This bad Mommy moment surpasses all others.

I pull in as close as I can, bus parking or not,and send Nolan on his way, as I am ridiculed by all the other kids left in the car.

I call Mr W and relay the story, as I am just mortified.  I was hoping he'd give me the "it could happen to anybody, it's okay" speech.   Chances of that aren't looking good as he says, "Man, that's baaad.  You're gonna have to make it up to him, you know."  

"I will drive him straight to Walmart and buy him that game he's been asking for right now."  I can almost see Mr W shaking his head at me, but I'm shaking mine too.  

My poor little Sugar.  I see the top of Nolan's head coming out the entrance, and I can wait no longer, I get out and grab Ryan up in my arms, apologizing the entire time. 

I'm thinking it's gonna be okay, right as he bursts into tears.

Oh, the guilt, the guilt, the guilt, it's overwhelming and I can't breathe. 

"Sugar, I'm so, so, so sorry,"  I tell him.  I tell him that as soon as we noticed he was not with us, we rushed right to him.  That it was an accident.   And I barely keep myself from bursting into tears too.

He brightens when I tell him I am taking him to get his game (penance) and Mickey-D's, and he looks like he just might forgive me. 

Actually, he will probably forgive me, but I'm sure he will always bring it up, when it suits him:  "I can't drive your new car?  But Mom, how will I get home, you might forget  me."   

Yeah, this one isn't gonna go away. 

They can have their little stories, the ones to tell, retell, embellish...that's fine.  Hey, Mommy isn't perfect, and that's a good thing for them to know.

Besides, I have stories, too. 

And a picture is worth a thousand words.


misscarberry said...

Well if he does bring it up when he's older, make sure you have some nude baby photos lying around to show his girlfriend LOL. I have a threat for my parents but it's usully along the lines of 'Behave yourself or no grand kids!' LOL!!
Love Sam xXx

chseroo said...

LOL@ I know it had to be scary at the time, but now that I know everyone is safe, I can kinda giggle over it. Things like this is why I think you need your own sitcom!! What a good show your life would make!!!

I don't think I would have to worry about not knowing that I didn't have one of my kids with me. If they are all 3 together, they are fussing and being loud. If its just 2 of them (doesn't matter which 2) it is pretty calm. Someone once told me that I should have an even number of kids because there would be less fighting. That way, no one would feel left out. I thought it was stupid at the time, but now I think they were right. I have noticed that even numbered kids are kinda easier to get along with.

Don't be too hard on your self. I won't relate this story to my kids. They would be planning on something like that just so I would get the guilt toy! :0)

Have a good time at Disney!


robinngabster said...

OMG! I almost pee'd my own pants reading this!  JUst tell yourself the school incident could have been could have had a child in the van that wasn't yours. FOr some reason the movie "HOME ALONE" comes to mind when I read this. LOL

I have very vivid memories of doing that pee pee run in the stores...tryin to make in time. Poor little thing!  :)

mosie1944 said...

My husband's oldest brother used to forget one of his boys all the time.  He left him at our house a couple of times.  His wife worked days, so he was in charge of the toddler.  When at my house, he and Cliff would wander outside talking and doing little odd jobs while I watched Chad, and he'd just forget him when it was time to go home.  Of course, he didn't get too far away before he remembered.

mom2kk11 said...

OMG!  My worst nightmare come true. I'm days away from doing that.  I constantly do a mental tally in my head just to see if I know where they all are.

Anna, you rock. Don't feel too badly.


nerves05 said...

I have never left my kids like that but i'm suprised i haven't yet.
When things are hectic all kinds of stuff can happen espically when you have a bunch of kids.
And your entry before this was just hilarious. You are just to funny. You write great storys.

Have a good weekend  :-)
Take care  :-)

screaminremo303 said...

Wow. Nice job. He might end up a Carny. I saw Joe Dirt.

ekgillen said...

Great entry Anna!  I felt like I was living every mother's horror with you.  You are right-you will be hearing about this for years!!


onemoretina said...

    Well, Anna ..... welcome to the club of "I'm a terrible parent."  LOL LOL   Isn't it something how we can do everything imaginable for our kids, but the one time we goof up, we beat ourselves up for it ?  I never find myself saying " Gee, I really was great to these kids when they were growing up ! "  NO .... it's more like "I wonder what these kids will be telling the shrink about me."   Tina

bridgetteleigh75 said... could happen to anyone!  <grin>

Yep.  You're totally in for it, Anna.  


slyracing1 said...

I think most Mom's with more than 3 children have had this happen... Yours was tame compared to mine...  We were leaving for the High Desert house [30 minutes away] Kieffer rode his bike to a friends house earlier "Ok but be back in 1 hour Kieffer because we are almost ready to go" "Ok Mom"  An hour later... we were all packed up in 2 cars... I thought Kieffer was with my honey and vise versa... We stopped to gas up [gas station is 2 blocks away] as we are pumping gas... here comes Kieffer red faced from riding his bike as fast as he could...  A horrified look came across my face, then my husbands as he looked at me and me at him...
Needless to say... I never let it happen again...  
My husband was left at the park when he was little... He didn't even know he was left behind because he was playing with friends...
Ahhh the horrors of parenting!
Hugs with Love,