Monday, June 11, 2007

Just like watching TV instead of doing my homework

It's a good thing I didn't have Internet access during my homework formative years.

I dutifully logged on this morning, notebook and pen in hand, ready to slay the CEU dragon once again.

Instead I've been surfing j's, emailing a friend, and wasting time.

Oooh, and now, I'm hungry.  I'll get to the ceus as soon as I eat.  You know, you can't go to school on an empty stomach and all that.

And then there's this:

Saturday Six, Episode 165

1. What do you consider more important to your long-term happiness: your relationships, your location, your career or your dreams?

While they are all related, I think that if you are happy in your relationships, then the other stuff kind of falls into place, or at least doesn't matter AS much.  

2. Other than a significant other, how many people do you feel you can truly turn to for advice?

I have a few people I run things by, and their advice is usually very solid.  Whether or not I follow it is another story.

3. Of the people you think know you best, how surprised would you think they would be if they knew “everything” there is to know about you?

Not very.  Somewhat.  Okay, a few things might earn a raised eyebrow, but I'm not that big of a mystery, which is both a good and a bad thing.

4. Take the quiz:
Are you living the wrong life?

This quiz was a total downer.  But it said that:  Your life is 16% off track.  
No doubt about it, you are living the right life.
You've made some great decisions, and they've definitely paid off.
Keep it up. You're on the right track!

5. What is the longest you’ve stayed in a job you weren’t happy in? 

8 or 9 months.  The longest 8 or 9 months of my life, but I got a really good friend out of it. 

6. What single factor made you stay the most? 

My husband was in the police academy, we had a new baby (Nolan), and we weren't really in any position for me to be flighty about my job.  I had to find another before I quit that one, and when I did, I showed up to deliver a Dr John-I-quit letter and never went back.  No two-weeks notice.  So unlike me, yet so cathartic it was worth it.

Whew.  I'm off to my articles.

In a few more minutes.

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pixiedustnme said...

I'll bet ya don't do those CEUs til about 10 tonight ;-)