Friday, June 22, 2007

The date on the package is just a suggestion

My persistence in getting one of my Russian friends at work to teach me a few words has paid off.

I can ask him "how's it going?" when I come in, and occasionally, can remember what his response is going to be.  I can say "Happy Birthday," and a couple of other words.  I am hardly fluent, but it's great fun, and he is delighted that at least I try.

One day, I repeated something he was teaching me back to him, and he complimented my pronunciation.  He said that because I speak another language already, I seem to pick up how things are supposed to sound.

"Thank you,"  I said, with a self-conscious giggle.  I threw on a dramatic air, lowered my voice, and in the accent I could muster, said, "Just call me Natasha."

I expected to crack up my other coworkers in the area, and I knew I'd have to explain myself to my friend, but imagine my surprise that only two people (out of about six) got my reference to 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' (as that was the Natasha I was referring to).

Why, pray tell, did these people not get it?

Because they were too young.  Too young to remember that cartoon!  I started explaining, then stopped myself.  It was too painful.


I whipped out a mirror to check the youth expiration date on my ass.  It took me a minute as things in that vicinity shift at will and are never where they are supposed to be.

It appears my shelf life is up.


robinngabster said...

LOL, that happens to me all the time.  It seems the older I get the younger my friends get.  I know one word in Russian...Babooshka  and that is how you say it not how you spell it.  It means Grandma.  I had two Russian students this year who were always trying to teach me things in Russian and that is the only thing that stuck.

perkysgrl said...

Borish and Natasha...

That was the nickname someone gave to me and ab ex-bf while in highschool...

Don't know why... but they did.

And you so aren't old!!


jevanslink said...

The bad news is your shelf life has expired.  The good news is at least you have a LIFE.  

Mrs. L

pixiedustnme said...

I wish they would bring back some of those good old cartoons!  kids today could deal with a dose of good clean fun.  Yogo Bear, Underdog, Flintstones - I mean come on people!