Saturday, June 9, 2007

At some point the answer is always "c"


Three little letters that are causing me all kinds of trouble right now.  (Continuing education units to those of you blessed enough to not have to deal with such a thing.)

My work certification will be up in August.  Yeah, you have three years to get your 3.6 CEUs (36 hours) but...

I work part-time. On the weekends.  I'm not around for any opportunities, via lectures and such, that happen during the normal workweek.  I do show up for mandatory hazardous materials training and yearly required stuff, but otherwise, I'm on my own.

I, ahm, tend to wait until the last minute.  Usually it's not a big deal, I always manage to get it done.

This year, however, my supervisor has decided to spaz out and hound me.  She even went so far as to pull my technical file and point out how severely lacking I was in my CEU quest.  I think I even heard her say "c-e-uuuloser."

I was a little annoyed that in all the years I have worked there, it's never been such an issue.  That other labs don't always make such a big deal about it.  That it's not like I'm gonna get paid more because I am certifiable.  I mean, certified.

There is an online opportunity I know of, and I checked it out earlier this week.

I'll show them,  I thought, as I completed 5.5 hours in two days.   (which upped my ceu ante to 2.3 or so)

I commented to a colleague today that I felt like I hadn't left work, as I'd been doing so much CEU stuff at home that I felt as though I was going to give birth to an oncologist.

Seriously, after my last session yesterday, I couldn't even see straight.   All the answers looked right.  I remembered all the advice about "pick the one that your gut picks first" or "pick C". 

Hey, it got me through high school.

Unbeknownst to me, my boss was lurking in her office as I made that comment.

She came out of her office, intrigued, so I had to explain myself.  Me and my big mouth.

She was a little impressed. She was asking me about what articles I chose, etc.  Then she asked:  "What do your kids do while you are doing all this?"

The answer that came to my lips initially was: "They play with their flaming, razor-sharp swords, of course."

I mean, what kind of question is that?   Earlier I had to endure, from another supervisor, "Poor Anna.   She is probably feeling we're picking on her because she's gotta show up today for her hazmat training, and we're hounding her about CEUs...and she's probably thinking, "I've got four kids, I don't have time for this..."  (She also once teased me that I go to work to get a break.  Away from my children.  One of those 'I don't know how she does it...." lead ins with the she's-a-Mommy-that's-how-isn't-her-little-job-cute? chasers.)  It makes me feel like the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe when I hear things like that.

Come ON, people.

I really need a snappy comeback.  Something that would make my open-mouthed-did-she-really-just-say-that shock go away, and remind them once and for all that having a working uterus doesn't mean I am lacking a brain.


"I quit."

I'd say it, but....I have four children to pay for, and that's okay.

The Mommy-track eventually comes back to the station.


pixiedustnme said...

What I'd like to know is if continuing education has really been proven to do any good.  I mean, are people in those kind of fields any better at their professions because of the continuing education?  I'd have to go for "no".  Sure, there are a few times that you learn something semi-interesting, but in the end all it does is eat up the time you should be at home recovering from the time you were at work.  Some of it is necessary - yes, the annual hazmat training is the pits, but I guess if we didn't have to do that once a year if something ever happened we probably wouldn't remember what to do (at least that's what I keep telling myself!  LOL).  Have a great weekend :-)

randlprysock said...

Hello!!  Nice to stop by your journal again.  Yes we moms have to stick together.  Sounds sort of like the supervisor is A) either being a total pain or B) is just trying to make sure they get you fired up about taking the course work so you will get the certification and they can keep you.  I think they may actually be worried about losing you.  Then they will have to start over and train somebody else.  I'm sure you are a wonderful employee and they don't want to have to do that.  People in a work place can be so cruel sometimes.  I hope that it all gets worked out.  Have a good weekend!!

chseroo said...

Okay, maybe I'm weird... But I love going to CEU classes. I'm just a hairdresser though. I don't have to do any hard tests or anything like that. I just get to go and learn about new techniques and about new products. AND.. If I'm lucky, I will be asked to be a hair model and get a new (and free) 'do out of it! LOL!!!!!!


jckfrstross said...

i hate CEU yuck! so far i have dodge the bullet this time . good luck and enjoy your week