Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some day, these will be fighting words

**oh, for Pete's sake.  I was just touched by the AOL poltergeist, and this is my second time doing this entry.  Someone has apparently not discussed good touch/bad touch with it...**

Let's try this again.  Ahem.

Yesterday afternoon, Ben and Ryan went along to pick up Nolan with the lady I carpool with. 

At dinner last night, as I was feeding everyone, Nolan announced to me that they got a good look at his crush at that time.

"Oh, yeah?  I bet Ben went up to talk to her."


Ben starts giggling and decides to play along:  "Well, she looks like she can spell her name, that's a start..."

Nolan looks a little threatening,  so Ben changes his tack:  "She's pretty."

"She's too old for you,"  Nolan warns.  "She's like two years older than you are."


"Cut it out, you guys,"  I intervene.

I look over at Ryan, who has been quiet during the entire exchange.  He looks up at me, like he's thinking about what to say.

With a little, semi-dismissive wave of his hand, he says, "Eh, she's alright."

I had to leave the room because I was laughing.  Like he's some authority on girls or something, that wave, "she's alright".  

I mean, really.  He's hardly been around the block.

Yet the change, I sense it coming.  From fighting over who gets the controller next to fighting over "but I saw her first."

Umph.  Wait'll they find out that passing non-neutral judgement on the girls their brother brings home is like waving a red flag.

Time to build the boxing ring.


pixiedustnme said...

Well, she looks like she can spell her name, that's a start...  (he sounds more like you every day!)

katie39041 said...

You have some good laughs ahead, oh my!!! i can see the boys sat round the dinner table point scoring there different girlfriends. I hope you have easy washable floors and walls lol, its not hair that will be flying it will be
so funny!!!