Monday, April 2, 2007

I just need some time...ALONE

Audrey has upped the ante and is now stalking me in the daytime, too.  I've not been this tethered to a child since my breastfeeding days.

It's so frustrating, too, because one minute, I am ready to go into the bathroom and lock the door--forever, or until her Dad gets home; and the next, I am giggling at something charming that she just said.

"Mommy, you look pretty," is always a good one.

Anyway, she has been fixated on her babyhood, and for some reason, asked me the other day:

"Mommy, when I was born, did you see my tushie?"

To which I replied, "Of course I did.  When you came out of me, you were naked."

"WHHhhaaaaaat?"  she asked, completely aghast.  "I was NAKED???"

"Honey, everyone is born naked."

She was totally horrified.

As if she would have sprung out of me in pink go-go boots and a Hello Kitty t-shirt, bows in her hair, ready to party.

With as much trouble as the docs had pulling her out during my c-section, it only felt like it.


screaminremo303 said...

Don't worry - I hear it's just a phase. It will go away when she gets to about age 13 and she decides you are just a raving ninny. She will then go to her Dad because she needs money.

jevanslink said...

My first kid got stuck coming out because she wouldn't let go of her Louis Vuitton bag. And don't get me started on the damage her Manolos did.  

Mrs. L

katie39041 said...

Your Daughter is so cute, lol stalking you is so funny.She is probably teaming up with you because girls have to stick together lol, with all boys in the family she thinks you need her on board to even things up a bit. She is a lovely little girl though and you and her are going to have so much fun.
love and hugs

pixiedustnme said...

Just tell her it's easier to apply the lippy and nail polish when you're naked :-)  LMAO!