Monday, March 19, 2007

Shamelessly stealing an idea in hopes it will distract me from me

A friend (and coworker) of mine has been after me for about a year to come to her house and drink, hang out, socialize.

The stars were in alignment, I dropped the kids off at my Mom's for the night, and Mr W and I headed over. 

It was not to be a huge deal, just some friends from work hanging out and drinking a shot or two (or seven) of tequila.

Yes.  Worst case scenario, it was seven.  Best case scenario, it was six.  They were beautiful shots of tequila, too.  The beer washed them right on down. 

As I held my hand out, before my first shot, to be salted I suddenly forgot the order of events.  What on earth?  It has been a long time, too long of a time, when you forget the lick-swallow-suck order of tequila.  Rest assured, it's like riding a bike.

It all comes back to you.

I wish I could say I have perfect recall of all the events of the evening, but I really don't.  Which is where Mr W comes in.  He was drinking Diet Coke.  He knows.  He asked me this morning, "Do you remember______" and I said, "Not really."  "Do you want to tell me what you remember?"  "If you insist."  "Oh,  I insist."

Apparently, I was arguing with one of the drunk guys (now, that's totally smart) and it got pretty ugly.  "I remember I was trying to make my point."  "In Spanish?"  "What?"  "You were both yelling at each other in Spanish." 

Suddenly, I have a vague memory of words flying out of my mouth that would have had my mother reaching for the bar of soap. 

And one even more shadowy memory of Mr W leaning down and whispering in my ear, "You might want to shut up.  Now."  Greeaaat.

Mortified, I drew a blank at that moment on anything else. 

I don't know what is worse.  The "Oh, my God, I did/said that?" as I think about the evening; or the forehead-slapping moments of shame that have come over me on and off all day as my memory snippets reappear and disappear at will.

Tequila, while a friend of mine, is the bad-influence friend.  The one that makes you feel like you, in Dolby stereo; a little less inhibited and a lot more stupid.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop taking its calls.

Another good friend of mine, when I told her what I knew and how I was feeling both annoyed and embarrassed with myself said to me: "Don't sweat it, Anna.  EVERYONE has a tequila story.  E-v-e-r-yone."

I guess the good new is that while mine involves some not-like-me behavior, it does not involve the removal of clothing in public.  And my hangover is not physical, it's mental--time will take care of it.


Anyway, I was over at Chantal's journal, and she wrote about how she succumbed to the siren call of the iPod shuffle.

As I will be wearing my headphones at work, the better to look serious and not like a lush with, I decided to steal the meme she spoke of in her entry.

I mean, you all know how much I love my iPod.  Recently, my husband got me the cord that enables you to play it in your car via the FM frequencies, and I love that too.  So much so that if I could dip that cord in gold, I'd wear it like a necklace.   A little iBling.

Here's the deal:

Instructions: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying.  Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

Well, I won't tag anyone else, just play if you want to.

Here they are:

1.  A Sorta Fairytale, Tori Amos

2.  Shape of My Heart, Sting (I've loved this song for a long time)

3.  Sam's Town, The Killers

4.  All These Things That I've Done, The Killers

5.  LoveStoned/I Think She Knows,  Justin Timberlake

6.  Into the Ocean, Blue October

7.  I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You), John Mayer

I actually highly recommend the Continuum CD by John Mayer.  It's the reason I can drive my kids around, tranquilla, without tranquilizers. 

Or tequila. 


mumma4evr said...

I have a vodka story.....I learned my lesson so never had a tequila story!

deniden said...

I lovvve Tequila. It's been my fav since last summer. I mean, hell, if you're gonna drink, might as well do it right. ;)

My fav Tequila story (since there are so many, lol), is that at my birthday party last year, I did 10 shots in 2 hours. Uh-huh. And then my dad, being the cop/jokester that he is, asked me to do the alphabet forwards and backwards. And I did it perfectly. While unable to stay seated upright in my chair. :)


screaminremo303 said...

My tequila (to-kill-ya) story involves the LA Hilton, Grammy Winner Chuck Mangione, several semi-nude college friends running the streets of Watts (after dark), and coaster at Magic Mountain. Fat Lever even makes a guest appearance.

I had an excuse. I was with the band.

ekgillen said...

It is true that everyone had a tequila story or three. :)  Ahhh the memories. :)
The smell of tequila now makes me sick to my stomach. :(

I loooove the John Mayer cd.  It is one of my favs right now.  I also like the new John Legend cd.


unicornsteph80 said...

Oh trust me, yours is much better (as in less humiliating) than mine. One of these days I'll have to tell you about that one. In an  email because there is no way I'm putting mine out there for everyone to read. Mine involved not only tequilla, but black velvet, vodka, jack daniels and beer. And yeah, I was REAL sick. lol


jckfrstross said...

have a good week:) i have a tequilla story lol we were drinking and i got lost in a closet for the life of me i couldn't get out. so i don't drink tequilla any more.


chseroo said...

I'm with your friend.. EVERYone has a story... Some people are just more willing to tell them than others. LOL. :)

I'm loving that playlist... I've been spinning Into the Ocean everyday since I got the CD forever ago. I love that song!


mrsmachiavellian said...

Babe, I think I was at the same party as screaminremo.  It sounds familiar.  :-)  But, if I can remember it, was it really a true tequila story?