Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It was a good time to keep that thought to myself

I know I have mentioned I have an obsession with the "Dirty Jobs" show on the Discovery Channel.

Particularly with Mike Rowe, the host.  He starts talking (the voice kills me), and between that and staring at the screen, I'm pretty much useless for the hour, and yes, I do watch the reruns on the weekend.  He's just so good looking, in a normal guy way.  I dig that. 

My husband is on to me, but he likes the show too.   So out of respect for him, I try to keep my ogling to a minimum, or at least sit so he can't see my jaw drop or me bite my lip like I do when he looks particularly...fetching.  Tshirts and jeans never looked so good.  (I've saw him cleaned up once, for an appearance on some late night tv talkshow.  OMG.)

Anyway, at the end of each show, they ask people to go to the website and suggest more dirty jobs, as they often take viewer ideas and use them for episodes.

Tonight, I had this thought spring into my head, as that bit played on the tv:  "I'll bet it's a dirty job cleaning him up at the end of each episode, why don't they do a show about that?" followed quickly by this one: "ggrrrr, I'd do it."  My thought process went quickly downhill from there. 

I clapped my hand over my mouth, lest any of that escape my head.  I started to giggle at my mind's absurdity; my husband of course asked, "What?"

"Ahh, I'd rather not say."  I kept my mouth shut, I didn't want to get into trouble.  

Now, there's a first.  The first rule of Marriage 101, right?

"If you think you shouldn't say it out loud, DON'T."

I hope writing it doesn't count....


therealstephhull said...

ohhh la la! I must agree that man is......oh never mind. you know exactly what I am thinking! I like your idea about making a show about cleaning him up......and yeah, I'd do it too!


wshgranter said...

Boy, do I love Mike Rowe.... even when he was puking over the side of a boat.  If you need any help cleaning him up... you know how to reach me!

katie39041 said...

Pity a pic was not included so us in the UK could have a look.
Love and hugs

ukgal36 said...

LOL..I need to remember that...


mrsmachiavellian said...

Anna-baby, Agreed.  That guy does have a panty-removing voice.  I read recently he is an actual, true to fact, Opera Singer, somewhere on the East Coast.  (Philadelphia?)  I can't believe I forgot to tell you that yummy tidbit.  BTW, let me know if your clean-him-up-idea gets chosen.  I'm sure that would be their highest rated show.  Ever.

jevanslink said...

I thought I was the only one.  Damn.

Mrs. L

hewasolddog299 said...

Ladies, stop your mental mastur****** and check out this video:

You'll thank me... especially for the boxers scene!

sistercynthiadr said...

I'm in this club too.  Did you see the one where the dirty job was manning the mud bath?  Siiiiiiiiiigh.