Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I am Sam

This past Friday was Dr Seuss' birthday.  Our school participated in Read Across America, where volunteers come in and read Dr Seuss books to the kids.

Is there a better way to spend the day??

I signed up for Ryan's class, Ben's class, and Nolan's-teacher-from-last-year's class.  I also wound up doing it in two other classrooms, too.

When I was little, my Mom didn't really let me read Dr Seuss books.  She thought they were too easy for me, not realizing how much fun they are. 

I've made up for it.  My favorite is "Green Eggs and Ham" and that is what I chose to read to the kids.

Ryan was so excited and proud when I came to his classroom, he was practically vibrating. 

I cannot even begin to describe the joy it is when a roomful of second graders all respond "anywhere" at just the right moment.  ("I will not eat them anywhere.")

So. Many. Smiles!

The really cool thing for me happened that night.  Audrey was walking by my chair, and I heard her, just under her breath:

"I could not would not on a boat...not with a goat...." babble babble "I will not eat them in a house, I will not eat them with a mouse" babble babble "I do not like green eggs and ham..."

She caught me watching her.

"I had fun today, Mama,"  she said.

Me too.


jckfrstross said...

gotta love Dr Seuss:)


screaminremo303 said...

That reminds me: I was supposed to write a Seuss story about our new speed policy for my co-workers.

"I shall not speed. I should not speed. I shall not, should not, speed, speed, speed. I shall not, should not, speed to those in need."

That'll work.

lazarai said...

Awwww, that brings back memories!! I used to read to my kids' elementary classes on Seuss day too. Now my girls are 14 and almost 18. The time sure flew by!! Geez. Enjoy them while you can...

:) Carol