Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Discovery Channel -- dangerous to my matrimonial health

My husband is gonna refuse to watch tv with me if I continue this...or he's just gonna smother me with a pillow the next time I open my mouth...

I was putzing around, getting kids to bed, etc. when I walked into our room.   I realized I was missing Dirty Jobs, just as Mr W pointed to the tv set.

"He's gonna sing,"  he said.

"Nah-uh,"  I said, as I spun to look at the screen.

(I'd mentioned to Mr W that I'd "heard" the host of Dirty Jobs was in theater or something previously, and that he sang.)

I giggled like a 11 year old, watching and waiting.   

Oh, good lord, he's making candy with a sweet little old lady.  They're talking about opera (here it comes) ...he's singing.  In Italian! Oooh, nicely done~~

I look at Mr W, who enjoys the show enough to overlook my silliness; who is wayyy too tolerant of me when it comes to my grinning at the tv screen.  I shouldn't push my luck, but of course, I can't help it.

As he finishes singing, I look at Mr W:  "I'm leaving you."

He flips me off. 

Which is his right, since I'm being an idiot.

The next part of the segment involved the host smearing chocolate on a table with his hands to make peanut butter cups.

This time, I was wise enough to say nothing.


robinngabster said...

Oh that's Mike Rowe.  When my Mike kicks the bucket I am gonna marry Mike Rowe!  He is absolutly dreaming!!!!  I love that dirty man!!!

screaminremo303 said...

I'm just lucky they moved Everyday Italian back a couple hours on the Food Network. Ms. Lovely was getting a bit miffed watching me drool over everything but the food.

rollinghillsides said...

Anybody remember when Mike Rowe was a QVC host?  Yep.  In the late '80's, early '90's, he seduced me into buying many a product, lol.  In '95 he was host of a wonderful program on the 'Travel Channel', and I didn't miss a single show ... he and I traveled to many exotic vacation lands together.  What a gorgeous guy, I'd go anywhere with him.   Judy, in CT

perkysgrl said...

I saw that episode...

He's such a cutie.

I have to say, I'm crushing on him ;)


wshgranter said...

Looks like we're all going to have to fight for Mr. Dirty!  Love Mr. W's response ... lol.  Y'all make me laugh

bridgetteleigh75 said...

You and your husband sound a lot like Doug and me.  Especially the whole 'flipping off' thing.  LOL