Wednesday, July 5, 2006


A good friend of mine is in town, and she invited us to come over to her sister-in-law's house on Friday night for a surprise party.  Her husband turned 40 in April, and his family decided better late than never, I guess.

We had a good time, getting caught up and just enjoying the company. 

I watched Nolan gamely try to not be upset that my friend's daughter was playing it cool and avoiding him at all costs.   She was once so enchanted by him, and now, poof.  Ouwwwwch.

The kids behaved, and we left at a decent hour. That alone would warrant the evening a success, but then on the way to the freeway, Mr W saw this truck.  A truck that he said was "begging to be pulled over."

At which point I somewhat jokingly reeled off about five things I thought he'd cite them for, just to see if I could come close to his train of thought. 

He was impressed.  Oh, yeah, he was. 

Why whisper x-rated things in his ear when "unsafe lane change" will do the trick? lol

I guess I've absorbed more than I thought I had via copsmosis.

Does that mean I get my own handcuffs?

While I wait for the answer, I'll stick to the Six.

Saturday Six - Episode 116

1. If you had the chance to vote for a law that would ban flag burning, would you vote in favor of it?

Nope.  It's the way you dispose of a flag properly.  The other more dramatic reasons people burn flags for are allowed via the auspices of living in a 'free' country where you are able to, in essence, do whatever you want.

2. Which of the following did you walk through most recently: a zoo, a garden, a beach, a cemetary?

Cemetary.  I think about Rob everyday. 

3. If you could create a new scent for a candle, which one would you select and why?

Hmm.  With three boys in the house, I'd come up with something like, oh, I don't know...  Ass-b-gone ?  (self explanatory) 

Non-toxic Child?  (I've seen the bottom of the hamper.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.)

Eau de New ? (I forget what 'new' smells like.)

And Princess.  For Audrey, of course.

4. Take the quiz: What soda are you? (Thanks, Anna.)

Yet another quiz telling me how mediocre and boring I am:   I am Coke.  The quiz says I should try something new for a change. 

Don't they know that Coke goes well with everything?  Mmmm.  Jack and Coke.  Rum and Coke.  Did I mention, my personal favorite, Jack and Coke?  Everyone sheds their capacity to be boring with Jack and Coke. (There is anecdotal evidence that given enough of it, I shed more than that.  Ahem.

5. How often do you drink this flavor of soda?

Love it.  I drink it at least once a day.

6. Do you have any plans for the July 4th holiday weekend?

I didn't have any plans.  I worked Sat, Sun, and the 4th, too.  We just hung out at home once I got in today.  It's too hot to do anything else celebratory other than lay on the bed under the a/c vent and pretend it's November. 

Gobble, gobble.


screaminremo303 said...

I always had you figured for the "No Mud Flaps" type. I guess it beats the "Unsecured Load" moniker I lug around. I need more fiber.

ekgillen said...

I was a Shirley Temple-What?!?
Gillie :)

jevanslink said...

Now I know why I landed that Doc -- by using UVULA correctly in a sentence.  And why that attorney was all over me -- because I understood what he meant when he called the opposing lawyer  a "cunning linguist."  The first was Docomosis.  The second? Assmosis.

Mrs. L