Friday, April 21, 2006

Weekend assignment #108

I couldn't resist this weekend assignment. :)

Weekend Assignment #108: Show off (or link to) a lesser-known work from a favorite artist. Because there's more to Da Vinci than the Mona Lisa, and more to Van Gogh than Starry Night. I'm thinking of painters, but if you'd prefer to essay a lesser known book from a famous author, or song from a favorite musician, that'll work, too.

Extra Credit: When was the last time you were in an art museum?

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Both of these works are by Edgar Degas.  Although when I think of Degas, I think of those beautiful paintings of ballerinas, I also like these two works. 

I have Degas on the brain lately, what with my tiny dancer and her penchant for everyone's favorite little swine, Olivia.  Everytime I read that story to her, and we get to the Degas in it, I stop for a minute, just to take it in.  And I daydream about taking her to see the real one.

On the left, the painting is L'absinthe, done in 1876.  You can see a better copy of it here.  I like it that it's not a perfect pretty picture; they hardly appear to be content, but you can't stop looking at them.   Check, please.

As for The Little Fourteen Year Old Dancer, the sculpture on the right, I can't help but like it.   As I  mentioned before, one usually associates Degas with the paintings of dancers.  I find it a nice change of pace to have this dancer in 3-D.  She's so fantastic, I almost expect her to come to life.  This was done in 1880, as a wax figure, tinted to look like flesh; complete with real bodice, tutu, slippers, and a wig with a ribbon in it.  It was cast in bronze in 1922.  She is still tinted, with a cotton skirt and satin ribbon. 

And yes, something about the pose reminds me of Audrey.  Maybe because I think you can really see the spirit of a little girl in this, and that is what enchants me so about it.

Extra Credit:  I went to the local youth museum with Audrey for a preschool field trip a few months ago.  It was really interactive and we had a lot of fun. 

Hmm.  Maybe I'll go back and do the poetry assignment from last week.....



fisherkristina said...

Oh, I like these a lot!  I found you over at Scalzi's journal in the comments section.


mariebm56 said...

I love Degas ballerinas, but never knew about his sculptures either!
Nice find~