Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Saturday morning, the kids were around the table, eating.

I was still no where near up to anything, but was making an appearance.   And of course, the sight of Mommy means "Oh, yay Mommy is here!  She will feed us!  She will be nice to us!  Sir, you are dismissed!"  (as they look expectantly at Mr W to leave the room)

I was assailed with "I want, can I have, I want" and as Mr W intervened (thus saving a few lives) Audrey came up to me with the carton of chocolate milk.  I sighed, and semi-hissed, "Give me the pinche milk," reaching for the milk and her glass.  (pinche just means 'darn'; technically, not one of the worst curses I utter in Spanish)

I hear Ryan begin to sing, what sounded like "Bingo" for the most part, and was rolling my eyes, mentally walking back down the hallway to my bedroom, when I hear this:

"...and Pinche was his name-o..." and then Ben joined in, to help:  "P-I-N-C-H, P-I-N-C-H..." and soon, Audrey was singing it too.

Mr W and I exchanged looks, raising eyebrows, before I started giggling like mad. 

It hurt to laugh, and I couldn't stop either myself or them.  We didn't scold them, but told them that was probably not the version they should sing at school.  

I went back to bed.

So far, no notes or phonecalls regarding the new lyrics. 

I wonder if anyone would even notice, considering that song is one of those that goes straight in and shuts off the brain.

I can only hope.

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misscarberry said...

I absoloutly love it!!
Love Sam xXx