Saturday, April 5, 2008

There's a reason only teenagers should text

I was at work today, and I decided I'd send Mr W a text while I had minute.

It was, admittedly, on the racy side.  It wasn't pornographic, just in the "I'm gonna get you later" vein.  I do that from time to time, so he knows I'm thinking of him; so that he'll think of me and the suggestion that I sent him.

It's not a big deal, just fun.

A little anticipation never hurt anyone.

We engaged in a little saucy banter, and I went on with my work.

A couple of hours later, I had a minute again and I sent him another message.  It was in reference to what we'd been "talking" about earlier, and really pretty mild in comparison. 

Which wound up being a very good thing, because unbeknownst to me, Mr W had lent Nolan his cell phone.  Nolan had ridden his bike to a friend's house, and Mr W let him take it with him for the usual reasons.

When my phone rang, all I saw was Mr W's # and you can imagine my horror when I heard Nolan's voice on the other end.   "Mom, I have Dad's phone,"  he said. 


All I could think about was that while the last message I sent wasn't bad, the ones before...well, he's a bright kid, he'd know we weren't talking about anything I needed to pick up for dinner.  "Oh, okay,"  was all I could manage. 

I laughed and blushed furiously at the thought that he might've seen the other texts.  When I mentioned it to one of my coworkers, horrified, he reassured me that it wasn't anything to worry about; "'s totally natural... just an expression of affection from two people who care about each other, and there are worse things in the world than knowing your parents still are into each other that way."  I felt better, because I realized that what he said was true.  (But I couldn't help feeling that Nolan was gonna be scarred for life.)

I called Mr W and told him about it.  He was quite amused.  "What did you send me?"  he asked; I told him.  He laughed at me.  "Dude, that's not so bad, but if he happens to read the other messages..." 

"I erased them."   My hero!  I thought.  "Thank God,"  I said, as I breathed a sigh of relief.

I intended the messages to quicken his pulse and make his day.

I never thought I'd be the one winding up with palpitations.


perkysgrl said...

Oh my, now that is something.

I'm always afraid I'm going to send the racy, raunchy messages that are ment for my husband to the wrong contact... ::eek::


happysunshien said...

yeah i send my hubby some....and sometimes he calls me laughing and says umm boss picked up my phone cause it was vibrating off the desk,... my 16 yr old has picked up my phone and brought it to me (all the while reading it while she is walking) and handed it to me with two fingers saying gross mom...thats just gross.... :)


jevanslink said...

At your age, everybody knows their kids would be totally grossed out if they saw a racy text message between their mom and dad.

At my age, people your age would be even more grossed out to find one on my phone.

Even worse, I can't read them without my glasses on and I have to ask someone else how to erase them.  

Mrs. L


chat2missie said...

Oh my gosh! LOL

jckfrstross said...

oh no! lol have a good week


cvgflydis said...


We used to do that too, send messages back and forth......LOL........and I'll stop with that.......

Have you started saving for therapy for the kids yet? We have. LOL


suzypwr said...

I think it's cheaper to get phones for your kids than have to save for therapy for them, LMAO!