Monday, April 14, 2008

Decisions, decisions

I have been watching the series on John Adams that has been airing on HBO.  It's really well done, I highly recommend it.   The acting is fantastic (Laura Linney is sublime); the sets are awesome, everything is just amazing.

But the best part is this (and I can feel my husband rolling his eyes at me, right now):

The actor's name is Stephen Dillane, and he is portraying Thomas Jefferson.  I think he's dreamy. 
I missed the episode last night and it replays tonight, and therein lies my dilemma.

James Adams is on at 9.   A new episode of "Dirty Jobs" is on at 9 as well.

Mike Rowe vs Thomas Jefferson.  *sigh*
Choices, choices....  ;p


womandriver2 said...

This is why I have DVR through my cable company!  I got it when we signed up they had a special and now, I couldn't live with out it.  Many times we will record a show and not start watching it at the appointed time but start it about 25 min. late so I can fast forward through all the commercials!  Hubby can watch his show while mine tapes... yup, a DVR has saved our marriage!  hee hee

jckfrstross said...

dirty jobs they will rerun the HBO one:)