Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Join the club

Earlier this evening, Nolan was using my computer and surfing around the 'net.

His siblings took turns clamoring around him, in the "whatcha doin'?" fashion.  Jostling.  Asking questions. 

I had my back to him, so I thought everything was fine and he was sharing things with them or something along those lines.  Then I heard this:

"Guys.  GUYS!  Can't you leave me alone so I can do this?  Why do you all need to come up here just because I am on the computer?  I can't believe you can't leave me alone for FIVE minutes so I can look this up!!!"  and so on.

I couldn't resist.  I turned around and started to say, "That happens to me all the time!  You know how I feel now, so you'll leave me alone!"  but instead, I said this:

"Welcome to motherhood, son."

He was not nearly as amused as I was.


momiscool2 said...


chat2missie said...

Very funny!

jckfrstross said...

lol welcome to motherhood good one:)


cvgflydis said...

I just stumbled into your world. Can't remember HOW though~
This one made me LOL........My oldest is 16---youngest 4; Oldest tattles on little ones last night for leaving popsicle wrappers stuffed in a chair. This from the one that keeps a dishwasher load on his nightstand........


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