Monday, February 11, 2008

It's fair play hair day

I'm still coughing.   Sometimes it's a polite *cough,cough*, sometimes I scare the children.   It's gonna be around for a while, too, at least that's what I hear.

I was excited this morning, to get up and not feel as though I had to lay down again.  As I was waiting for Nolan to get ready, I washed dishes.

Nothing is gonna get me down today, I thought.  After spending the last week or so in and out of pajamas, smelly, tired, no makeup, I was happy to be bursting out of my Kleenex cocoon.   I had an appointment with my hairstylist, for a haircut and color.  I was sure to emerge from her salon renewed, ready to shed my sick visage in for a newer, dark-and-smooth, sleek diva look.  I love it when she blows my hair dry straight, it's just too awesome.   Even if I am just running to pick up the kids, I feel like a million bucks.

I certainly could use some of that.

After yelli--reminding Nolan that he is not the only person in town who needs hot water, I came back into the family room and heard the chiming of my cell phone.

I glanced at the number, which was familiar but not recognizable.  Assuming it was one of the other volunteers calling from the school, or one of my friends calling me from their place of business, I answered anyway.  

"Anna?" squeaked out a familiar voice from the other end.  Cool, maybe she needs me to come in early, I thought.  Right on!

"Hi,"  I answered, trying not to get too excited.  Wait a minute.  That voice...

"I'm so sorry honey, but I don't think I can do your hair today,"  the voice cracked.  Ohgodohdogod  "I need to get to the doctor today."  NOOOOOOOOOOO!

"That's okay,"  I reply.   darnitdarnitdarnitcrapcrapcrap

"Can we reschedule?"  "Um, sure."  nonononoI'mgrayitlooksawfulwhat amIgonnadomybangs!mybangssuck!

"Will next Monday be okay?"

"Sure.  Feel better."  Awwwww,man!

Oh well.  I'll be fine.  It's really not a big deal.  Yes, it is.  But I know how awful she feels. 

That's what ponytails are for.

I used my newfound time to go pick up my geekalicious prescription lab goggles.

Now there's a fashion statement.


happysunshien said...

been in a ponytail and jammies since thursday :)  even to pick up and drop off the's that for humiliation :)


buggieboo1 said...

I think I am catching something... Hope you a feeling better soon!


chat2missie said...

Everyone is sick!  Glad your feeling better.

jckfrstross said...

its going around here too:( glad you are feeling better