Sunday, November 18, 2007

Not for the faint of heart

I'm going to preface this entry with remember, I live with primarily boys, boys who don't always consider the finer sensibilities of others when they decide to comment on whatever is in their heads at the moment.

That being said, we had this conversation in my van last week--

(a little background:  I'd been working a lot, my workweek shifting to accomodate the time I am currently taking off for Nolan, who just had a tonsillectomy on Thursday, and Ben had been "sick" at school, so I'd picked him up, on Tuesday, throwing off my hours-mojo...)

"Ben, you're going to school tomorrow.  I don't really think you are all that sick, and unless you are projectile vomiting or have massive diarrhea, you're going to school."

And Nolan decides to pipe up:  "Yeah, Ben.  She's not talking about a little wet one either."

I nearly drove off the road.  What?  Did I just hear that? 

Not to be outdone, Ben quips: "No wonder girls don't like you."

I have to admit I laughed.  Alot.

At the time, it beat being grossed out. 


perkysgrl said...

What he talking about a "Shart"???  (a S*** + Fart)

I'm glad I only have ONE boy... but I think I know what I'm in for now... lmao


happysunshien said...

ughhhhh yeah i deal with that kind of iccckky stuff from my 7th grader...blecchhhh......


pixiedustnme said...

Gee, and I wonder where they get their sense of humor from!

chat2missie said...

Boys will be boys! LOL  Enjoy your week.