Tuesday, November 20, 2007

'kay, I'll shut up after this

Last night, when I got home from Urgent Care, I was changing my clothes (back to pjs, hurrah, the day might end) and I looked in the mirror.

I didn't really care, not much, but Nolan, bless his heart, has some really foul breath right now (normal) and he'd been breathing it on me as I cradled him (no pillow) on the hard exam table.  I felt like I might look like his breath, so to speak, as crazy as that seems. 

I was about to take out my ponytail when I saw it.  Or I should say, them.  Winking, more than I've noticed in a while.

Grays.  Bastards!

I lamented to Mr W.  I was amazed that he was so unsympathetic.  "Why do they bother you so much?"  he asked.  "Why don't they bother you?"  I asked him.

"It's not a big deal to me."  I bit back "Because you don't have any hair" and instead asked, "Why not?"

"We're getting older.  We get gray hair.  Big deal."

"Hmphf,"  I huffed at him.  "Gray hair.  Once you get 'em, that just lessens your chances of ever being the hot girl," I moaned. (The elusive title.  Why does it matter?)

I'd be more offended at him had he not had this conversation with me earlier in the week...

I had on a relatively new top.  And I pointed out to him that he had not commented on it, I was being a little flirty and obnoxious, and I said to him, "You haven't noticed.  Aren't I cute?"  as I did the Vanna up-down-look-at-this hand motion with a pause at boob level, of course.  He rolled his eyes, and sighed the sigh of a man, a husband who knows.

"You look good, hon.  You always do."  He says it with such sincerity, I start to giggle.  "Doesn't she, boys?" he looks over at Ben and Ryan, and they chime in "Yeah, Mom, you always look nice,"  as Mr W goes on, "Even first thing when she gets up in the morning,she looks good, right, boys?"  he turns back to me.

"Why are you blushing, Anna?"  he points out.  I giggle some more.

"Thanks, just....thanks."  I continue to feel my face get hotter, and I can't have him look at me anymore, I walk into the kitchen, giggling, shaking my head.

Not what I expected.  It sounds cheesy, but he really was sincere.  To spoil it with the usual "you're full of shit" song-and-dance would cheapen the moment and not make it likely that he would compliment me ever again. 

I guess now that I think about it, if he is cool with what I look like early in the morning, then a few gray hairs are probably not going to dampen his enthusiasm, any more than the lack of hair on his part would dampen mine.

And that's hot.


pixiedustnme said...

But you're still gonna go and get it colored, aren't ya?

jckfrstross said...

i look at my gray hairs as i earned every one of them. i tell the kids you gave me them and i wear them with pride:)


tdain2003 said...

I'm jealous!  I want a relationship like yours :)

jevanslink said...

You may want to bookmark this entry. It'll come in handy on a "rainy" day.

Mrs. L