Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hot pink is not a scary color

It's October, so all the kids thoughts have turned towards Halloween.

Audrey, in particular, is very excited.  I was expecting the usual from her, too, in regards to her costume.  I've been planning a special mall visit to hit the Disney store.  I've been wondering who she'd pick this year.

My thoughts were reaffirmed when she saw all the pumpkins, the plain plastic ones with the jack-o-lantern face on the front and a handle, in Target...and picked out a hot-pink one.  Oh, very scary, I giggled to myself.  I was placing mental bets that it would be Sleeping Beauty this year, as the pumpkin would match the pink dress.

However, she is my girl, and full of surprises.

This year, she wants to be a vampire.  She can't quite decide which version of vampire she wants to be.  The dressed up kind, or the messed up kind?  In addition to that, she has taken to wearing Ryan's costume from last year, a cloaky Grim Reaper get up, around the house.

It's long enough that you don't see her hands or feet. She sneaks up behind you, pulls the hood over her face, and says:  "Heeellooooo, person-I-don't-know!!!" in as scary a voice as a five year old can manage, but then she giggles uncontrollably and even if you try to jump and scream in fear, everyone knows it's totally for show.

So cute.

Ben has decided he wants to be a vampire again this year now, too.

All that vampire talk, and now all I can think about is biting someone on the neck.

It's still technically too hot in Arizona for turtlenecks, but Mr W may have to start sporting his a little early this year.


chat2missie said...

Both my kids were vampires the same time one year and it was a lot of fun.  They went around as a married vampire couple! LOL

perkysgrl said...

Rowan surprised me this year too... She usually goes for the girlie costumes... but this year, she is going to be Violet from "The Incredibles"...

Still a girl... but a little bit more rough and tumble kind...



jckfrstross said...

vampire with a pink pumpkin too cute:) have a good week