Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby, I'm a star

I came home from work yesterday to a nice surprise.

No, not clean shiny, happy, fed children in a clean, shiny, happy house....

I came home to a big box of Guitar Hero III. 

Mr W has been listening to me rant about how I love that game since I first played months ago.

And he knows I need to get in touch with my inner rock goddess, so.....

I'm sending the kids to bed in five minutes, and hitting the stage in ten.

Hopefully, I will make it through a round without getting booed off the stage this time.

Party on, Wayne.


deniden said...

Party on, Garth. Err, Anna. :)


wshgranter said...

I pre-ordered mine and I'm picking it up today!  Love it!

chat2missie said...

My kids want that also!  Looks like a lot of fun.

jevanslink said...

Me? I'm waiting for The Wildlife of Cougars IV.  It gives new meaning to X-Box.

Mrs. L