Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yeah, they're dangerous alright



Obviously trained killahs.  Run for your life!!!!   Quick, before you have to scratch some bellies!!!!!


deniden said...

LOL too funny. "Our" dogs are known around my mom's neighborhood for running out of the gate and... trying to play with kids or walking around to check things out. Labs don't have bad bones in their bodies. :)


perkysgrl said...

Oh my god... they look just as dangerous as my Rottie!! ;)

She is a Nosey Rosey and likes to JUMP (high!) up onto the fence (6ft mind you) to see who is walking by... she looks like a spring... boing... boing...

All the neighbors are scared of her, but she'd never hurt them... and they are only scared of her until they meet her... then they love her.  

She's never gone over the fence ::knock on wood:: and if she did make it, I'm sure she'd just want to give them kisses and get some love in return ;)

Your doggies are too cute!!


pixiedustnme said...

...and just how many posts do you think you can do in one day?  ;-)

chat2missie said...


jckfrstross said...

oh my i am so scared LOL is it a full moon?