Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Peace and quiet

There isn't turn down service here.  No mint on my pillow, unless you count the five M & M's Audrey shared with me.

The chef is quite talented, and dinner was first rate.  Dessert was greeted with high fives although a chocolate volcano erupted in the microwave.  (Who knew hot fudge, overheated in the micro, would still taste a little burnt? Oops...)

We had a nice evening, and I was glad I stayed home. 

Tonight, it's the chef's night off.  And we're trying our hands at homemade hot fudge sauce.

I'll keep the fire extinguisher close by.


perkysgrl said...

Sometimes, spending a quiet evening at home with the kids is the best thing in the world :)

Good luck with Dessert tonight... sounds fun!


ekgillen said...

Sounds yummy!  Hope all fingers are unscathed.

katie39041 said...

Hi, you had a fun time, i do a party trick with xmas pudd and a micro wave, by the time i realised my mistake my xmas pud was on fire, when i finally got it out the microwave i stuck a spoon in and it welded there lol it was a original sculpture it would have sold for thousands, lol, in my dreams. Glad you had a good night with the kids,
love and hugs
katie xxx

chseroo said...

fudge is good... even burned.