Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Faces a Mommy can love

I was over at Laura's j, and she had an entry about photographing kids.   So I decided to follow along and post a few pics of my kids.  It's been a while since I've posted any. 

As I look at Nolan in the pictures, I realize he's changed a lot in the last few months, so I may have to sneakily get a couple of new photos of him.  Sneakily.  Because he's not gonna like it at all.

I learned to always have film in my camera while they were young.  My pediatrician, once I was on the third kid, used to jokingly tell me as I left the office, "take lots of pictures!" and for that I am grateful.  As a result of that comment, I am pretty sure that I've avoided the syndrome where you only have picts of the oldest/second oldest and none of the rest. 

Now that I have a digital camera, I just keep it charged and take it along with me from time to time.  It's got a great zoom lens, so I'm trying to remember to take some from a distance, because it's nice to have photos that aren't so posed.  You know how it is---now that they're older, they ham it up whenever they hear me turn on the camera.  And there are only so many bunny-ears-on-my-brother pics I'm willing to take.

Lest anyone think that I'm that organized, let me just add that while I have some scrapbooked, some in albums, there is a lot of them, mainly from *gasp* the last four years (since Audrey's been born) that are languishing away in their packets.  I'll get to them.  I have to.  Mr W can't tell baby picture from baby picture.  Such a man.  lol

Anyway, the second picture of the kids, with Audrey and Ryan encroaching on Nolan's game space, has a picture of Audrey's latest favorite, her llama.  I got it for her a while ago, when I bought this book for her called "Llamas in Pajamas."  As we also have the book, "Is your Mama a llama?" I thought it would be cute to have one for story time.  Besides, on Jimmy Neutron, one of the characters, Carl, is also obsessed with all things llama.  (Now there's proof I need to get out more.)

Anyway, I love it that she doesn't just call him her llama, but refers to it as her 'llama-in-pajamas' all the time. 

I couldn't resist taking Audrey's picture in front of my flowering shrubs.   The flowers are purple (my favorite color) and with all the rain we've had recently, appeared like magic.  I took those pictures last week, and sadly, the flowers only made it through to the other night, when the wind and impending storm just swept them away.  They'll be back. 

Speaking of coming back....

Mr W is due home this evening, and none to soon.  I've reached my limit, I miss him quite a bit. 

The kids do too, Audrey especially.  She likes to meet him for lunch, and we haven't been able to these last few days.  When we were talking to him last night, she told him: "You done.  You need to come home, right now." 

Although Audrey and I made the hot fudge sauce yesterday, I were so busy last night with baths and Nolan's homework, we didn't get to put it to the test.

So Mr W might get a treat tonight, too.

(That sounds bad, doesn't it?)


screaminremo303 said...

Sounds bad? Only if you don't let the sauce cool off first.

Use it on his head as a wax.

ekgillen said...

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing.
Glad Hubby will be home soon.  Enjoy the hot fudge sauce. ;)

nicurnmama said...

Nolan has changed a lot. It's funny how our children seem to change so much once those wicked hormones kick in. And Miss Thing....she is the Princess of All That I can see. She is beautiful. We have that same shrub. I love it because I am the world's worst gardener and because it is so pretty when it is blooming.
Thanks for the link up and showing off your gorgeous kids.
Welcome home to Mr. W and please be careful with that sauce.    LOL

chseroo said...

I can't believe Anna has pictures!!! AHHH!

This is the first time I have seen you put pics in your j... It must have been a long time since you done it. Cause I have been reading you for about a year now. This is the first time I have ever seen em. :)

Beatuimus kids, BTW


katie39041 said...

My lads 13 and loves anything with llamas., strange child, lol. Your pics of the kids are lovely, there all so cute, and Audrey awwwwwwwww such a cutie.have a lovely evening with MRW,
love and hugs
katie xxx