Sunday, May 10, 2009


I have to hope that it is an underlying love for each other, unspoken affection, that makes the boys in my house interact like this:

(in the van, at a stoplight)
Ben to Ryan:  "Slug bug!"  (muffled punch)  "Slug bug!"  (muffled punch)  "Slug bug!"

Ryan to Ben:  "Stop it!  Mooom..."

Mom intervenes, can't these people see she's driving:
"Knock it off Ben, that's annoying.  No more 'slug bug', or I'm changing the game to 'slug balls'."

Ben:  "Awww, Mom, that's not funny, you don't joke about stuff like that!"  he exclaims, crossing his arms over his pelvic area and doubling over.

Nolan to Ben:  "I don't know why you're complaining,  you don't have any."

Mom cracks up.

Nolan puts his headphones on, the van is quiet for now, mission accomplished.

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Bridgett said...


Okay...that's a great story. I can't wait for these conversations between my kids in a few years. LOL