Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Look

Ryan has a doctor appointment later this morning. He's fine, it's just a followup. I asked him if he brushed his teeth...

"Yeah, I brushed them."

I catch the look. The look that means I should press him again.

"Really?" I look at him square in the eye. "Because they're looking in your mouth later and we're not coming home beforehand." "Go brush them again. You need to brush them super-good, okay, bud?"

"Awwww, man...." he says, as he drops his backpack and makes his way back down the hall towards the bathroom.

"I brushed mine super-good, Mommy," Audrey announces, as she comes up to me. "Yeah?" "Smell my breath."

I hesitate but know I will need to do this. Semi-holding my breath, I lean forward and stick my nose into the lion's mouth.

"Maybe you should go have another shot at that too," I tell her.

Note to self: Next time, hold your breath. And add bubblegum to breakfast.


Bridgett said...

Oh yea...soooo know where you're coming from here. LOL

Missie said...

Oh yea, i remember those days! LOL

Remo said...

Next time they are sleeping, shove some parsley in their mouth.

Karen said...

No kidding! I've been there...