Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's an adjustment

When Nolan was a baby, and we were new parents, I remember a time when it took two of us to accomplish a somewhat simple task.

Changing the poopy diaper should not have seemed such a challenge, but when you are doing it on a newly circumcised baby, it seems impossible.   With the added fun of postpartum retrospect, I think I cried more than Nolan did.

I was thinking of this one morning last week, as Mr W and I shuffled around the house (and each other) in the predawn-5 am-quiet.

In theory, it shouldn't take two parents to wake up one teenager and get him ready for school.  But it does.

I make the boy something to eat and get the lunches going for everyone.  Mr W does the initial wake up and makes sure Nolan is moving around.  Everyone is resigned to their fate, we all have our roles, and there is no grousing allowed.

Nolan stumbles to the table, and pretends to eat, and then Mr W drives him to school.

Nolan is in marching band.  Which means he has "zero hour."  I am appalled to report that means he has to be at school at 6 am so he can be ready to go at 6:15. 

On the bright side, it's good to get up that early and get ahead of the wake-up-get-to-school routine.

On the not-so-bright side, it's waking up at 5 am, indefinately.  *yawn*

I am learning the Tao of the High Schooler.  The Tao of the Band Parent. 

At the same time, I am coping with turning 40 this month.

Throw in some hormones....and it'll explain why the words "call time" can bring me to tears.

I swear, those are the two dirtiest words I've ever heard.


womandriver2 said...

I, too, start a too early a.m. routine tomorrow.  My son is starting dual enrollment.  This means he gets a free year of college.  He finishes his last year of high school at a program at the local college, 30 miles away.  He will be taking high school and college classes.  He has to be in class at 8.  Finances are tight as I was laid off so I decided to go to college too.  If I am going to drive there daily I might as well get an education too.  I am 39 and going to college for the first time.  M-Th will be LONG days.  What was I thinking?

Oh ya... FREE college.

Enjoy the band parent thing.  My kids do FFA, and at one time cheerleading and football and swim.  I am glad I am only down to FFA and the college thing.  The other ones have graduated so I am somewhat free.

I enjoy your blog. Your sense of humor is great.  Keep that sense of your kids hit teens you're gonna need it.  (sorry but it's the truth)

chat2missie said...

Oh yea, been there done that!  LOL
It gets better, really it does.

suzypwr said...

It gets worse, girl. Then they turn 16 and drive themselves at that time of the day!