Friday, May 23, 2008

She toots her own...horn

Ben, Audrey and I were hanging out in my room.   We were lounging in my bed, and they were watching tv while I was surfing iTunes. 

(I have to admit, I should be in a twelve-step program for my iTunes habit.  It's that bad.)

Suddenly, Ben starts laughing.  "Mom!  Didn't you hear that?"  "What?"  I ask, removing a headphone from my ear so I could hear him.  Audrey stood in the doorway of my bathroom, laughing maniacally.

"She was sitting here, watching tv, with me, and all of a sudden, she jumped up, ran into the bathroom, pointed her butt at the bathtub, and shouted "Fire in the hole!" and she let one rip.  She farted!  It was loud!"  he starts laughing.

I couldn't help but giggle too, reminded that our resident delicate flower is not so spite of what the pink dress says.


chat2missie said...

LMAO!!  Nicci likes to burp!  Go figure.

cvgflydis said...

At least she went into the other room!

Mine just look at me, blow one out.....and innocently say...."Scuse me"......between their laughter.