Friday, July 6, 2007

Straw holder

Audrey came up to me over the weekend, "Mommy, I have a loose tooth."

Instantly, I start thinking, when did she hurt herself?  Does she have some weird disease?  Do I need to make a dental appt/is it some kind of cavity?

Then I slapped my own forehead--doh!  She's five.  She's supposed to be losing her teeth.  Nolan looked like a jack-o-lantern in kindergarten, now it's her turn.

She's been wiggling it at me for days (eewww, I hate loose teeth) and would not let anyone near it.

Yesterday, she came into the bathroom as I was getting ready for work, and smiled.  A huge smile that was missing a tooth.  "Yay!"  I exclaimed.  "It came out!  Where is it?"

"I dropped it in the hallway,"  she said.  Which explained the noises I'd heard moments before, the mobilization of her brother-troops to look for the Lost Tooth of the Princess. 

We never found the tooth...but the tooth fairy still managed to find her.


perkysgrl said...

Rowan has a loose tooth too!!

I can't believe it.

She actually has three loose teeth... but one more than the others!!

Every other day, she comes up to me and says, "How is my baby tooth doing?? Is it ready to come out??" lol...

I can't wait for the Tooth Fairy to come to our house ;)


robinngabster said...

awwww one of my favorite books is called "The Real Tooth Fairy"

You gotta get is a super book!!!

pixiedustnme said...

ew, there's a tooth roaming freely in your house?!!  EWWW

jckfrstross said...

awww look out now she will be looking for loose teeth lol


tdain2003 said...

Yay for the tooth fairy!  My boys are about done with the tooth fairy... so sad.  I love that she is definitely the Princess in the house and I just know she has all of her brothers wrapped around her cute little fingers.... whether they want to or not!